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  1. At long last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is about as close as I can get to how my younger brothers bike looked back in 1983 when we were racing weekly. It is extremely difficult to visualize in my mind without the help of photographs (my family cannot locate ANY from BITD) and without being able to ask my brother directly (this is a surprise gift for him). My parents were as helpful as they could be ‘I think he had a chrome bike like you’, ‘he had red tires, but then he wanted black’, ‘he was always complaining about the seat…he didn’t like the seat’. I asked my friends that used to race/ride with my brother and me. They helped me as well. As for the completed bike, there are a few slight modifications. Originally, his cranks were red, he had red Cal Lite pads, and he had standard brass nips on his wheels. These changes were done intentionally in the hopes that it might remind my brother of the things we talked about wanting, but either the products were not available or we didn’t have the money/patience/time to do it. For example, I remember thinking (with him), ‘why don’t these Maxys come chromed?’ So this is the finished product. I am thrilled with the result and I am extremely happy that it is over. This build has been very frustrating and time consuming. Originally, it was to be completed by the end of October, and here it is nearly three months later. It is not meant to be an exotic build filled with rare parts, it is a replica of the bike my brother had. NOS working man components mixed with a LOT of expert restoration to try to give it that ‘real deal’ feel…… Component breakdown and thanks go like this: 1983 GT Pro Frame and fork – Jeff Miller - n2o Frameset was beautifully restored by Rod Miles Re-chromed locally in southeast Michigan Santa Ana w/ NORA Cup decal set (Randy’s I believe) – Jason Miller – jamill The elusive extra fork leg decal for the handlebars – Tim McVey – sprinter GT Pro handlebars – Tom – nfr5111 Re-chromed locally NOS Oakley .5 grips – Richie Haney Donuts (my brother had to have donuts BITD. He bought them separately since .5’s didn’t come with them) NOS Dia-Compe MX 1000 rear brake w/ Tech 3 Lever – Chris B Tuf-Neck square corner ‘patent pending’ – Steve Barath – stevenbven Stripped, sanded, re-anno’d w/ NOS hardware Tioga Beartrap 2 headset Generic straight seat post w/ GT round decal NOS Kashimax seat – Chris Baron NOS Dia-Compe MX 2-piece seat clamp – Chris B Sugino Maxy-Cross cranks Originally blue – these were stripped and mirror polished NOS 44T Pro Neck chain ring NOS KKT Lightning pedals NOS Izumi chain NOS Shimano 16T freewheel Bullseye hubs – Steve Barath – These are original hubs w/ orange bearings. Araya 7X hoops – stripped, mirror polished, clear powder to preserve Comp III Yellow Label tires Front is NOS 2.125 - Lionel – carbizguy Rear is 1.75 used (about 80% tread remaining) NOS Cal Lite frame pad – raybeard Reproduction GT frame pad These beautiful pictures were taken locally by Andre LaRoche at Stage 3 in Warren, Michigan. Hope you enjoy the bike....comments??? Thanks for having a look, Tom
  2. I'm sure many of you have received them already. I recently got mine. Just curious about your thoughts? Personally, I think they look fantastic.
  3. Very cool! I love it. Love the blue. Maxy's are "real world" components! I like seeing them.
  4. Yes, the headset is another thing I was curious about. Ha ha I knew Jon had one and I think one sold on Ebay about 4-5 months ago. There was also a Hutch mini clamp on Ebay in early/mid 2005. I was thinking the same thing Jon...1984 or 1985 era because the bike pictured above is PRE-Hutch aluminum frameset. I would really like to find out if it was indeed 1984 or 1985 for these components. Funny thing about the spec sheet above....no mention about the brand of bars.
  5. This pic is from Johan's website...it says September at the bottom, but what year? The pictured bike has all the components in question....
  6. What year were they introduced? The aluminum MINI handlebars The MINI-sized donut seat clamp The elusive MINI "H" stem Pics and info are greatly appreciated... Tom
  7. great question...I've wondered the same thing
  8. You guys ARE seeing Seda's collection....bit by bit, piece by piece, bike by bike as he buys stuff. I've seen him buy a JMC 24, JMC DY, the Pro Neck that started this thread. He was also one of the unlucky guys who was stung by the infamous fake Iowa Hutch Deep H stems guy about 18 months ago. Oh, and don't forget he now owns Jeff V's JMC Leary that was at Rockford. :32: It was all there in plain sight for everyone to see... Just add him to your "Favorite Bidders" on Ebay and you'll be able to see his collection grow. :smthup: If he ever feels like posting pics, that would be awesome. If I never see what his collection looks like again...I won't give it a second thought. To each their own...
  9. Jason is a good guy. This is the fourth thread started regarding this same stem auction and he is definately taking some hits in each one of them. But I think it's totally unwarranted. I think it was one of those rare occasions where two bidders wanted it - no matter what - right at the end. So they bid a very high amount to ensure that they won the auction. It was just coincidence that they both happened to bid on the same item. If ONLY Jason (or the other guy) had bid at the end, either would have won the item for about $155.00 Two people gambled thats all...
  10. Steve has come through for me a number of times as well. Great guy.
  11. Jeff...my comments on the other site were not meant to upset you. I was genuinely surprised and confused when I couldnt access OS yesterday morning. So I posted my concerns on V. As far as Brett and Mike, I used their names as possible people who might know whats going on. Thats all. I am fully aware that they do not own this site...I am also fully aware that you DO own this site, but the truth is...I had no idea what your First name was and I had no way of knowing how to contact you (thus the Brett/Mux reference). I'm sorry if you took and of my posts as disrespectful. It was not my intention as I am not into disrespecting anyone on these boards. At OS or V. By the way....I'm thrilled to be on your site again today. Tom
  12. Jon's house used to be overloaded with furniture and clutter. But he recently sold off most of his possessions to pay for his JMC's....you should see the before shots of his humble abode...J/K :34: Jon...get all of your rides to a professional photographer, then put together a 14-month calendar and sell em for $20 a piece. I'd buy one!
  13. Jon, are you kidding me!!!??? You have assembledthat JMC collection in 20 months!!!!???? Wow!
  14. Now PANDA has the right idea! Those pics are awesome! Like that book that came out in the 80's (maybe early 90's) that was nothing but color photography of a red couch in different/bizarre/unique locations around the counrty/world.
  15. Thanks to Steve Barath, I will now be able to complete my current "gift" project. It is about 2-3 months overdue, but my unsuspecting brother doesn't know that..... After that, my next project is finishing my basement with a custom display area for all my completed bikes. As for bikes themselves....I don't know what 2006 holds. If I could hand-pick a frameset to begin another project, it would be an early 80's Robinson (80/81/82). I have a "dream build" that I always hold in the back of my mind, but I'm not sure it will ever happen. A few of the parts are just too far out of my price-range. Tom
  16. Bret...the first pads you posted....black w'/red and yellow graphics...are those repros? Originals? When were they made if original. Some dude on Ebay recently sold a couple repro padset exactly like those. I saw them...now I'm seeing your picture....and I'm wondering... Any info?
  17. Cmon Kevin....be a pal...I need one lousy frame pad! I'll take a used one! In black or red.
  18. I thought they banned smoking indoors in California??? Was that photo taken by Cheech? Or Chong? :34:
  19. How much $$$$ do you think Haney has sitting on that single 6-foot banquet table? I'm guessing 12K-17K at todays values. I'm torn: Ray is a really cool guy and I know how excited he was to get that frame...so I'll just say I hope the auction turns out like he wants it to. And whats the deal with Scott (Kappa)'s fork? He raised the price after seeing Ray list the frame? Very cool, very rare stuff indeed!
  20. The wife, daughter, and I were up at 5am today...now they are both sleeping (12:00noon EST) Ha ha ha When they wake up it's off to relatives houses for the rest of the day..... The business of the Holidays rolls on...........have fun everyone
  21. ....and who can forget the "October Surprise" when the infamous JIMMYCOCKMUNCHER signed up as a member? One of the funniest threads of the year soon followed....
  22. I like the parts breakdown, love the colors used, never really realized they were around BITD, and perhaps most of all...I saw it and thought "MAN! I'd love to build/own that model bike!" I voted early (#6) because it was obvious to me.
  23. I actually got a vote! I'm so excited! I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk: "The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! I'm finally somebody!" But really...thank you whoever you are...
  24. I knew putting my mini (Lil Holeshot) in the mix would not garner many (or ANY) votes. I realize that most people are not too fond of minis.....but that is the build I am really proud of. I used the lightest, era-correct components available without drilling anything because I wanted it to be LIGHT. I was thrilled to see that Jon entered another mini as well. United we stand! An army of two! It's great fun just being part of the competition...knowing that my bike is at least getting hundreds of "looks". Tom