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  1. ....so did you get the spindle/guts too Brett? Or will you use a 1st Gen Profile spindle? If you have the fully-splined one, could you post a good pic of it? Kerry....I talked to Jay at Rockford, and I seem to remember him telling me that he would never sell that bike because it was his actual bike from way back. But who knows... How about the double-barrelled frame pad Brett...do you have a line on some?
  2. I've had dreams about owning these cranks. Screw Aerospeeds, THESE are the cranks I want. Brett...are they complete? Did you get the spindle, etc as well? Splined end-to-end? Now it makes sense about your "wife overspent sale" a couple weeks ago...heee heee j/k dude....I am very envious :34:
  3. I sent you an e-mail Mux...could you please read it and get back to me? Thank you Tom
  4. Does anyone out there put clear powder over their high polished aluminum stuff? I mean, wouldn't it lock in the look forever with no further maintenence required? I was thinking about it and wondering if anyone out there does it.... What are your thoughts?
  5. Shimano Tourney brakes fit my sew-ups perfectly.
  6. 83 GT Nora Cup 90% complete Just hoping Roger at Bullseye doesn't leave me hangin forever. I also need to locate a padset
  7. Ok, cool....Sometimes I call him and BS with him for a while, but he has not been answering this week (unless I'm calling at bad times). Anyway...thanks
  8. Anyone heard from Roger at Bullseye lately? I have been calling daily with no answer. Just curious...
  9. He always tells me "I use a belt sander whenever possible...it gives me the best results and I can control it better" After he's sanded the part, I'm sure he uses allthe normal buffing wheels and compounds. "The key to great results is all in the sanding" according to him.
  10. Can't wait to hear about your friends reaction Bret!
  11. Before: He also did these for me a while back (they were blue originally): It's definately a skill that I do NOT have the patience for...so I am happy to pay.
  12. My local polishing guy took thrashed DX pedals and handed me these today. $50 well spent! Tom
  13. I'm no Muxter....but I like these recent pictures...just posting for kicks... Tom
  14. I'll agree with this love-fest....Lionel recently hooked me up with a piece I have been looking a long time for... Tom
  15. I didn't know Natalie from the Facts Of Life was so Old School! (pic #3) :34: Great pics!
  16. You're not alone, dude....the exact same thing happened to me when my LBS was "lightly tapping in" my BB cups. I was so bummed, I could barely utter any words in the store. I feel your pain!
  17. I don't have any pix of me and my "old school" rides...but here I am (happy and hungover) arriving home from Rockford with my new Kappa K-20 Tom
  18. BEFORE AFTER ...and the tablecloth makes it gospel! Thank you Rod Tom