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  1. ...and no mention of Moosegoose Nick. "Graceful and Elegant"
  2. I just read everything again. Just as amazing as the first time. These ‘deep dive’ posts are all-timers. Thanks again for posting.
  3. Ten years have passed since I built this bike and posted it here. I had a gentleman's agreement with the person who sold me the f/f/stem: If I ever wanted to/had to sell it, he had first choice to buy it back since he was the original owner. He liked the way I built up the bike, so he wanted to buy it as a complete. That's where it went when I sold it all those years ago. That's why I couldn't contact you Steve. As the years passed, he, in turn, sold it (complete) to another local collector. Another few years later, that person sold it again (complete) to yet another local guy. The frame, fork and stem have 'lived' in the Detroit area of Michigan since new. In December, I was speaking to the original owner of the f/f/stem (the guy who originally sold it to me in 2009). I asked him if the bike was still local. He said it was. He confirmed who I had heard owned it. I asked the original f/f/s owner if he would mind if I put out a feeler to the current owner regarding buying it back. The original owner was fine with this....so I did. The current owner and I came to an agreement on price and time (I needed time to gather up the funds). So....incredibly....I now have THE SAME BIKE I built in 2009. I'm so excited about this! And, to my amazement, the bike is untouched other than the cranks (Prince Albert cranks now, in place of the unstamped Profile's I had on it). A front brake was added along the way. But other than that....every piece of the bike is as I built it years ago. Life is strange....in a good way! So excited about this....
  4. Amazing! I'll be back to re-read later. Thank you for documenting and posting.
  5. I would drive all day if I thought it was something cool, but I'm pretty sure I cannot beat the guys who are constantly looking. I'll put it this way...I might look at CL, Marketplace and/or Offer Up a total of 15 minutes per month. I've never even seen an old school bike for sale, so I assume that it would have to be pure luck for me to get to something first. Back to the original question...the farthest I have ever driven to buy a bike is 90 minutes (just north of Flint, MI)
  6. Seems pretty easy. I tried it this morning from my phone. I will try it again on a computer a bit later.
  7. View Offer Schwinn sprocket 46T Schwinn sprocket pulled off a 1977 bike. Straight with light/normal wear. Price 20.00 keep_it_warm Submitted 01/28/2020 Category BMX Parts
  8. My daughter is 15 now. She's still scared of ET. Refuses to watch it, refuses to even watch the commercial. lol
  9. A pitted Bendix Red Band 2 coaster hub that was on a bike in my dads back yard. It's crazy how this the hub walls are...I think we measured it at 5mm thick between ID and OD. Plenty of metal to allow for 'scooping out'.
  10. That hub modification was detailed in a 1979 issue of BMXA. The article claimed you could remove up to 4 ounces of weight from the hub shell, but (although I do not have a picture of the BEFORE weight) the hub shown was only reduced by just under 3 ounces. As the BMXA tip suggests....try to work out a trade with a person who has access to a metal lathe....which I did. Fortunately he was a super cool guy. It only cost me a 6-pack of Squirt and a 1lb bag of beef jerky. lol He did a terrific job....but it took him a while. He could only work on it in his spare time when he wasn't busy at work.
  11. So, the seat post clamp is a very nice piece that I received from Rick G many years ago. Actually, I am reusing it! It made an appearance on a DG Skibel I had back in ‘08 or ‘09...
  12. Something else I was wondering about along the way.... The Cheng Shin tires I have look to be identical tread to Dan Gurney branded tires. I know the Cheng Shin's went through some subtle tread changes over the years, so it seems I lucked out on this small detail. I still do not know how to decode C-183's, but the set I have on the bike are C-183A-1. I've seen the last letter and number grow with on other tires, so maybe ….A-1 is super early? Can anyone shed any light on this? I can post clear pics of the tires I have later tonight if that helps...
  13. I ended up finding that hub in the back yard! Actually, my dads back yard. He has LOTS of old balloon tire Schwinns and a few of them are returning to Earth...FAST! So I asked him if I could take the hubs off two of the worst bikes. One was a replacement for my favorite neighborhood cruiser...the other one, more pitted, was a perfect candidate for the lathe. I know that BMXA told its readers "you can remove 4 ounces" or something crazy like that....but I only had the one hub, and I didn't want to push it too far. I didn't take a picture of the before weight, but I believe it was about 2.7-3 ounces removed. The damn thing still weighed in at 2lbs (packed with new grease).
  14. First new project from me since 2010! This project came about during a random conversation with Dan Goins back in early July of this year. He sent me pictures of this frame and a different Redline fork. It looked fantastic and I was immediately interested. We came to an agreement and the search for cool-looking parts was on.... I really like the way everything turned out. I saw the morning fog yesterday, and I sprung into action....there are NOT many good photo opportunities in Michigan in late November. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. Nearly 10 years in the making.... FRAME: Dan Gurney Eagle looptail with Cook Brothers gussets FORK: Redline nickel HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn HANDLEBARS: Dan Gurney GRIPS: O.G.K. PLATE: old motorcross SEAT CLAMP: 70's SR road stem cut off SEAT POST: solid aluminum SEAT: Selle Italia Grand-Prix CRANKS & BB: Schwinn PEDALS: KKT SPROCKET: Three Arrows CHAIN: Union FRONT HUB: ACS REAR HUB: Bendix Red Band turned down RIMS: Weinmann 2.125 TIRES: Cheng Shin PADS: Vinyl snap
  15. Did anyone grab screenshots of the $6,400.00 G-Boy sale (August or September)?