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  1. I don't care who decides to reissue stuff they still own the rights to. I do care when people decide to reproduce stuff. I don't care about companies doing the retro-to-death thing. I do care when people decide to simply 'make their own' (copy original stuff) ....but when you can't even roll out of bed without tripping over a combination of all of the above? It's is no longer fun.
  2. So whats up? You post pics, then disappear? I was looking forward to hearing more about the frame. History. Where you got it, etc....
  3. Not building and not collecting at present. I had hoped, months back, that I would be helping my nephews build something 'old', but then travel hockey started up again, and they lost interest. I think about building a new bike all the time, but then I think about the personal things we are trying to accomplish and get done in our home life and I realize I can't do it right now. I would love to build a JMC 24 and I would love to build a Hutch Pro Racer....just plain-Jane, common, era correct parts.
  4. I'm not big on the FB BMX thing either. I will occasionally comment...but like others have mentioned above, things get posted and commented on so fast that it's tough to keep up. So I don't (keep up). I still come to the website for a more relaxing stroll through the topics.
  5. I totally understand BOTH sides of it: Jon's and Scott's I had my Jon 'moment' a couple years ago (can't remember the exact circumstance or product). It's hard to describe...but once it changed, it changed.
  6. yikes...sort of an embarrassing read..... but I did have a flashback to the blonde. I remember her more than the bike.
  7. I plan to talk with them about it some time this week. Exciting! They told me their buddies loved the bike (GT ABOVE)
  8. Eight and a half years ago I gave my brother an 83 GT Pro like the one he had as a kid: Now, his sons want to build an 'old school' bike of their own. You may see me posting in the Wanted Section soon....for the first time in a long time.
  9. When I think of Gboy, I always think of you, Christian.
  10. Kashimax Aero Araya 7X Tuf Neck Oakley grips Haro Plates Dia Compe MX 1000 Having said that....I had all those as a kid and I would still use them in a heartbeat today if building a bike. Over-saturated, real-world products.
  11. This is terrible. I wish Jason and his family the very best. Thanks for posting this and putting things back in perspective for me Steve.
  12. So? I need to see pictures, hear stories, etc.......
  13. I need to make room in my life to get back out there.... Have a terrific time everyone....
  14. I've seen that bike at Ann Arbor many years as well...
  15. Registered.....and yes, El Dorado Park is a great place to have the event! I enjoyed that place.
  16. The price is pretty significant if the initial postings are accurate. ($2,250.00 is what I read) I really like the look of the bike.