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  1. Great setup Brian. Looking forward to seeing it built. GJS bikes always look a bit 'special'. I still want one.
  2. Sorry to hear about this Steve...but maybe (it sounds like) it's a huge sigh of relief for you. Without question I have fond memories of the years I was able to attend. Know this: you can let the first Saturday in June go by this year and be proud that YOU were directly responsible for organizing the most important, most appreciated, most memorable BMX gathering every calendar year. The bikes, shows and memories will live on in my mind.
  3. Ha ha! That was you? I must have stood there 10 different times looking at the JMC and RRS especially. Black jacket, jeans, work boots on. Wearing glasses too. Tell me more about the JMC! I did not make the comment about the beer, but I did notice the 3 Floyd's boxes! I dragged at least three people over to your stuff to discuss with them how cool the og finish stuff is.
  4. Yes, that is Scott's Profile in the last two pics. He brought a TON of cool stuff. It was good to finally meet him as well...great guy. There was another guy there (sorry, do not know who it was), with a white JMC, RRS, Floval and a couple other bikes. His stuff was very cool as well. It was a huge variety...including some non-bmx vendors selling old Schwinn / balloon tire bikes. The amount of "For Sale" tables was pretty amazing as well. I should have slapped on a name tag, getset, we probably walked right by each other a dozen times or more....
  5. Brian, it's Don Campbell (west side of Michigan). You might know Don and his son Chris as the father and son who collect all the slingshot bikes. I get what you're saying Steve, and I was talking to Don about that. He admitted that he likes his bikes a certain way...to look like brand-new. But then he also admitted there was no way that he could justify refinishing the frame. The Clemtwin cranks on the slingshot are also guns. That's more his style
  6. Ventured out this weekend to my first bike show in 2+ years. Ed's 14th Annual Midwest Show in Crown Point, IN. I've been to 11 of these shows, but missed the past two years. It was a really good turnout. Lots of nice bikes and tons of great people. I was really happy to see LOTS of used/survivor/patina type stuff. I snapped a few pics and a vid will follow as soon as I can get my home computer to start working....
  7. I don't care who decides to reissue stuff they still own the rights to. I do care when people decide to reproduce stuff. I don't care about companies doing the retro-to-death thing. I do care when people decide to simply 'make their own' (copy original stuff) ....but when you can't even roll out of bed without tripping over a combination of all of the above? It's is no longer fun.
  8. So whats up? You post pics, then disappear? I was looking forward to hearing more about the frame. History. Where you got it, etc....
  9. Not building and not collecting at present. I had hoped, months back, that I would be helping my nephews build something 'old', but then travel hockey started up again, and they lost interest. I think about building a new bike all the time, but then I think about the personal things we are trying to accomplish and get done in our home life and I realize I can't do it right now. I would love to build a JMC 24 and I would love to build a Hutch Pro Racer....just plain-Jane, common, era correct parts.
  10. I'm not big on the FB BMX thing either. I will occasionally comment...but like others have mentioned above, things get posted and commented on so fast that it's tough to keep up. So I don't (keep up). I still come to the website for a more relaxing stroll through the topics.
  11. I totally understand BOTH sides of it: Jon's and Scott's I had my Jon 'moment' a couple years ago (can't remember the exact circumstance or product). It's hard to describe...but once it changed, it changed.
  12. yikes...sort of an embarrassing read..... but I did have a flashback to the blonde. I remember her more than the bike.
  13. I plan to talk with them about it some time this week. Exciting! They told me their buddies loved the bike (GT ABOVE)
  14. Eight and a half years ago I gave my brother an 83 GT Pro like the one he had as a kid: Now, his sons want to build an 'old school' bike of their own. You may see me posting in the Wanted Section soon....for the first time in a long time.
  15. When I think of Gboy, I always think of you, Christian.
  16. Kashimax Aero Araya 7X Tuf Neck Oakley grips Haro Plates Dia Compe MX 1000 Having said that....I had all those as a kid and I would still use them in a heartbeat today if building a bike. Over-saturated, real-world products.
  17. This is terrible. I wish Jason and his family the very best. Thanks for posting this and putting things back in perspective for me Steve.
  18. So? I need to see pictures, hear stories, etc.......
  19. I need to make room in my life to get back out there.... Have a terrific time everyone....