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  1. I've seen that bike at Ann Arbor many years as well...
  2. Registered.....and yes, El Dorado Park is a great place to have the event! I enjoyed that place.
  3. The price is pretty significant if the initial postings are accurate. ($2,250.00 is what I read) I really like the look of the bike.
  4. Everything seems to be working just fine for me, Steve....and I love the visual changes!
  5. It's W....I.....D.....E.....R....!!!!! I love it!!!
  6. Not BMX, but I put a set of early '70's Hodaka Super Rat bars on my 1985 Schwinn beach cruiser. Bars are 32"+ wide and it changed the entire feel of the bike (for the better)
  7. I'm tending to agree with Dan. I know (well, I used to race with) 2 of the 3 guys who owned the frames. But it seems like a lot of people have a friend who has a friend.... But until there is picture evidence, I'd like to believe there really is only 3 originals.
  8. Get it. No 'collected' bike will ever mean as much as YOUR actual bike.
  9. Old, used plates are fascinating to me.
  10. ....and his collection of Snorton bobbleheads above the blinds behind him....
  11. I got a white Hutch Judge (trashed-out, junk parts) for $700 from CL. Pics were lost on my old computer. Yard sale finds: 1979 Mongoose Motomag - $10 Early 50's Schwinn Starlet from OG owner - $60 1985 Schwinn Beach Cruiser - $35
  12. Yea....G Flash = WEBCO for sure. Welcome....
  13. I'm guilty myself.... I don't spend a lot of time here (or any BMX site) anymore. The reasons are several and may be viewed as valid and/or lame. KIDS: The age of my girl is a direct contributor to the amount of time I choose to spend online. When kids are young, it's easy to dive into the websites, spending 10's and 10's of hours per week. Kids don't need THAT much when they are 0-4. But as they grow and their world expands, any loving parent wants to be right there with them to help them enjoy it and understand it. Coaching soccer, making sure she spends quality time with her aging grandparents, practicing soccer, helping with science projects for school, helping her with the beginning concepts of algebra she is struggling with (in 4th fucking grade!). It's time consuming! Yesterday's example: I had to leave work at 11:00am to pick my daughter up from school by 12:00 noon because they have 'half-days' for parent-teacher conferences. At 1:30pm, I had to be back at school with her for her conference. From 2:30pm-3:30pm I helped her with Economics homework I made her dinner at 5:30pm At 7:00pm, I took her to gymnastics class At 9:00pm I read with her, in bed, for 30 minutes. PARENTS: I won't get too personal here, but I have been through a lot regarding my mom since April of this year. She passed away a few weeks ago. I'm thankful she is at Peace now, but my obligations are nowhere near being done. Cleaning up her estate (and physical possessions) is a daunting task made worse by the fact that she lived an hour away. Meanwhile, I juggle time tap-dancing around my dad's situation, which is fluid and unstable at best. He' lives 45 minutes in the opposite direction. Again....hugely time-consuming. TECHNOLOGY: I rarely ever sit down at our home computer anymore. Fact: It is powered down more than it is turned on. We just don't use it much at all, other than to pay bills, balance a checkbook, or let my daughter type and print homework. I can check Facebook by pushing a button and scrolling with my thumb. I can talk-to-text my brother or wife with another button push. I can't browse topics on BMX websites with that sort of ease. It's just a fact and it does affect the amount of time I spend on BMX sites. If there was an app that displayed this site in a more friendly manner on a mobile device, it would be terrific. BURNOUT: There were many times over the past few years when I would literally laugh out loud when read the news about 'Collector X' making reproduction parts for sale or 'Company Y' deciding to get back into selling retro parts. It really wrecked it for me. Sure, I understand that I CHOSE to let it affect me. I understand that I shouldn't let it affect me, but it did (and does). I realize that Nothing Gold Can Stay and things always change and evolve...but those changes don't mean we all have to go along with them and like them. I don't, and I didn't. FEARS: I fear that if this hobby (collecting) continues to drift and die that I will not see the truly great people that I have met over the past decade. It has been a wonderful 10 years of enjoying something that was very important to me as a kid. Other people, just a passionate, made it even more special. The common bond of bike collecting quickly leads to more complete friendships and interactions. I like that part the best. I like getting to meet and know people. I don't want that to end. I'm not ready for that to end. I will be in Chicago in February for Ed's big Winter BMX show. It will be my 10th trip to that show. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone, talking bikes, hanging out, etc... As for Society? I hope it never goes away. It's too important. Truth be told, I think a mobile App would help immensely! But I can imagine the $$$ involved in something like that. I'll still check in here as time allows. I'm not going away. Reminder to self: 1st of the year is approaching...that's my usual Site Support re-up time...
  14. Who was that guy? Back in about 2004 or 2005 that was BIG TIME into Thruster? He was from the northeast....I forgot his screen name.
  15. I often daydream about this bike.....the blue is what makes it for me....
  16. Seeing this post actually brought a huge smile to me face. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I still think back to that yard sale and I cannot believe the haul of stuff I was able to buy. I am very fortunate to have a cool dad who thought of calling me immediately. I think it is completely insane to realize that every piece of this bike (other than the pads) was bought installed on a different bike, but shown and verified by actual pictures from the original owner. I couldn't switch the parts back fast enough...
  17. Nice bike Claude. Great to see something from you! And I wish you much luck on the 'getting in shape' thing too. I'm doing the same thing right now and it's going great. Commit! And do not give up.
  18. Very nice post Brian. I need a water bucket as well....