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  1. Karl does it right. Involving the kids and family in all areas of bikes. Pretty cool....
  2. Saturday morning bump...who is lucky #25?
  3. ....and since I re-upped, I will UP THE ANTE on lame music....
  4. I'm in...forgot my t-shirt size (and I NEED a new Society tee BAD!), so I dug out this 'moldy-oldie' to reference my shirt size....
  5. I like the hubs. Great bike! Too bad the frame didn't have the original 'chewed up' downtube decal to match those fork decals. That would have looked sweet!
  6. Hot Feet pedals... My go-to choice for every "worst bmx product ever" thread. EDIT: I'm trying to think now if I have EVER seen a bike with Hot Feet on it. Who actually has these pedals?
  7. Sorry I missed you this year Don (and Ed and everyone). I was not able to make the trip this year. Thanks for posting all the good pics, Don! Looks like a lot of space! Were the beers flowing? Rob's Judge is such a sweet bike....
  8. Isn't it a fantastic feeling when that special piece pops up out of nowhere? Love it! Great pads!
  9. Deanna Edwards...like Jon (jbros125) said, she was so good BITD, retired, then came back to kick more ass. Locally, in the early 1980's, we were always racing at the same venues as Deanna. It seemed that she was always winning. She's a great all-around person.
  10. I've never heard of it either. Looks like Martin Pemental (spelling?) 'martin-bike' is in the mix as well.
  11. I 2nd Jake's comment about Night Spots! SO cool to hear that song again. And great to see your kids sharing the enjoyment of bikes!
  12. I agree....that is very cool! Hated white as a kid, but it looks great now. Nice bike.
  13. Happy for you Brian. And proud to be a member of a site with guys who would do this type of thing.
  14. Congrats to everyone who entered! Great choices inn each category. Great bikes advancing! What can you say about William? He literally 'carried the load' for this past year.
  15. "Night pics"!! This might be a first! I too love the bike. Blue is extra special.
  16. Might be my favorite of yours William. I love this bike.
  17. bananahead = yes I, too, get a big ol smile on my face when the wind chimes story is brought up. Such a classic!
  18. How did that Haro bike ever do? Did it sell well? Curious about that. I thought it was pretty cool.
  19. Pete Vitale (the guy in the link Jake provided above) told me "We'd show up with our bikes and people didn't know what to make of them. Most people called them TrashMaster" I think they look cool as hell!
  20. Steve...if you need help in any way, please let me know...