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  1. Yea, Jason...the music was SO BAD that I just hit mute.
  2. Love it Trev. Even the WHITE bits! I never thought I would say that.
  3. Those are wild! Totally goofy-looking, but also cool (if that's possible)
  4. Nice! I saved my daughters first tricycle...as well as the bike she learned to ride without training wheels. Cheap junk, but they mean everything to me.
  5. Well, I know I already ordered mine (2XL), but I sort of regret it. I'm down over 50lbs since late February. Stress is a mutherfugger! I actually need a plain old XL, but I'm happy with the 2XL Can I also post my old crudely-done cover art homage to the Big men on campus?
  6. Offf, totally forgot about that. Something about that bike really has my attention.
  7. Man...I really like that thing! I would like to see more pictures of it from other angles. Too cool!
  8. Can someone provide more information on this bike? Also the bars on it...
  9. Incredible! Such a great presentation and back story. Tubes and all, eh? Awesome!
  10. Nice way to recap, Steve. I like the way you did it..... On Saturday, after about the 5th time muttering the words: 'ya know, today is the bike show in California...", my wife and daughter said, "You need to go again next year"
  11. Fantastic pictures! Looks like yet another memorable day. I am enjoying ALL the pics, but the perspective of the pics by Spin Tech is very cool!
  12. Wow...that stem picture is very cool, Greg. Nice assortment you have.
  13. Where are you living now Rick? You moved up the coast, right?
  14. I cannot be there this year, but I always do the pre-register anyway. Supporting the event is what we all need to do, whether you are in attendance or not.
  15. Haro is a pretty fascinating guy. Should be a highlight of the day! How cool.
  16. I love these frames. Loved the decals as well. It's going to be a great finished bike.
  17. I thought this video was pretty cool. Detroit's Official pitch to try and get the ESPN X Games here for three years. It's got a lot of decent footage of the city...and it's a great city (spare me the stale murder jokes). I'm proud to have been born and raised here. [/size]
  18. That was really interesting. I will admit, the animal-related Q&A was my favorite part. What a cool career path you took, Christian. Life is good and you seem very happy and content. Nice interview!