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  1. badbonz

    A Huffy

    How'd you get the chrome so clean? Nice job!!!!!!!
  2. NEW & SEALED GT Black Bar Ends / caps for handlebars - they are pretty sweet! I tried a set of these on my Quamen bars and they fit really nice. A must for all show bikes! These are newer school with a date of 2008 on the package. The logos look and feel like they are etched and look really nice with the old school GT wings logo (old school wings look). 31.6 MM with 1 (one) allen bolt on each cap to lock caps to handlebars. I will only ship within the United States. Sorry but no international shipping. (this sale is for 1 (one) set of NEW & SEALED GT bar ends only... (the grips and bars in the photo are not included). A set is $15.00 which includes shipping. These of course could be used on a GT, DYNO, Haro, Diamond Back, Redline... whatever. These are awesome! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! I will ONLY ship within the United States. If you are interested in my items CONTACT ME FIRST to ASK if I will ship to your country... and the shipping charges will be on you. Free shipping is only within the United States. Sorry about that but it's a huge hassle to ship outside of the U.S. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Hey Moose and all....sorry for the LONG delay. I have been out of it for a while. Just not on this site at all. My frame is similar to yours but the rear dropouts and frame stands are different. My pegs on the forks are low....I think that was the second edition that they came out with. I have some pics somewhere of what the bike looks like now...just gotta dig em up. Later guys. Mike D
  4. Yup, it's got campy rear dropouts. Very unique to vdc huh? Glad you like it I may be able to get clean shots sometime this year as I won't be going back east anytime 'soon' unfortunately. Though, I can email you the pics when I do if you want to drop me your email address. The bike looks pretty different now too...it has chrome 36 spoked 7x's, Original GT 3 piece cranks, Redline forklifter bars, Profile Lockjaw stem, Gyro, and not so much green, only the gyro I think.....and the one thing I regret....a brake plate for rear brakes. I had the frame for a month or so without back brakes and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't do decades or back brake tricks on the bike so I sent it back to Free Agent and they added the brake plate and re-chromed the frame for me. I was happy with it then, but now that I look back, I wish I would have known what I do now and I would have NEVER done it. Oh well...live and learn huh? I also wish i could have kept all the bikes I have ever had. Bu like many kids and young adults, you have to sell your old bike to get a newer one. Later, Mike D
  5. Hey Brian, and anyone else that wants to see what a FreeAgent Freestyler looked like. It had the greatest angles. Notice there is only a front brake...it's because there wasn't a brake plate in the back because early freestylers used coaster brakes. I hope the pictures come out. One photo is the FA with the GT and the other is alone...with Skyway bars. Later. Mike D
  6. Best trick was a quick-spin and a decade...worst trick...LOTS! I agree, the hang 5 was so hard to find that magic balance point ;) later. Mike D
  7. Hey Brian, thanks. I'll get some pics scanned asap. I'd take some new digital ones but the bike is in my parents attic back in Rhode Island and I live in Los Angeles ;) Later bro. Mike D
  8. That's cool about the girl rider in 88 who won 2nd at the Kansas AFA Masters riding to Metallica. I didn't know of any good female riders. I would have loved to see her. Keep on ridin' Mike D
  9. Not sure why they were so popular. I think it was because of that middle bar...many flatland riders would cut the original bottom part of the bars off that would normaly clamp in to the stem and then clamp the middle bar instead. Pretty stupid if you ask me. They were kind of cool looking bars as far as looks went (un-cut of course).
  10. Yup, you got ripped off. There was no reason he should have taken off anything other than the bars to ship it to you. Did you get the post and clamp? Looks like that is in the photo too. And it definitely is an 86, it has the flip up pegs. best of luck with it. You should definitely get that stem from him. I hate dealing with the jerks on eBay. take care, Mike D
  11. I have thee original prototype Free Agent Freestyler from back in 85. I got it right from Free Agent when they were done doing demos on it and such. It's the same exact one that was photographed and used in Freestylin' magazine. I still even have the issue it was in. I have always been so proud of it. Very unique. It's one of the bikes I'll always have. One thing, in all my riding and contests and what not...I have not ever seen another like it...anyone else have one? I'd love to find other people with them. I'll post photos when i have time to scan them (yes, they are actual pictures from a point and shoot camera taken back in the 80's). Later...keep on riding. Mike D
  12. That is one UGLY bike, no wonder it only hit $102.00. The color combo is TOTALLY wrong. I do however like the yellow frame ;)
  13. Well, I had an 85 FST years ago, and a Sport and a Master. I'd still tkae the Master and Sport over the FST anyday. As far as value, I think if you have a mint Master or Sport...it would be worth more than a mint FST.
  14. badbonz

    Date This Haro

    It's definitely an 85 or 86 sport...they were pretty much identical. Look at the serial number, it might give you a better clue as what it is. Have fun man. Mike D