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  1. That's a solid survivor! Stoked!
  2. This was one of my favorite bikes on display at Rockford! Thanks for bringing it Tom!
  3. I found some pics I took of Summer Tours. Here is the CW Trick Team during the Summer of '86 at Stevens Point, WI. Classic DIZZ look!
  4. Hope someone can video the show and put it up in You Tube for all of us to see. Talk about RAD!
  5. It was a blast hangin out with them on Friday night too. After everyone left the room from the Chill Session, BB and Ron hung out with about 8 other guys and talked about the wild stuff that went on during their summer tours. I was a kid in a candy store listening to them. So cool for them to hang with us and share that stuff. Kind of funny how one day you are going to see your idol ride his bike at a show and another day you are buying him drinks and chilling with him reminiscing about that day 22 years later... saC
  6. Dan, your bike was the first bike I saw when I showed up at the Rock. It blew my mind! It didn't even take me a second to vote for it for best pre 83 freestyler. Simply perfect. So tell us where you found those Graphites for it? You don't see gen 1's that nice anywhere! Awesome ride!