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  1. This thing is amazing. All I did was air up the tires. Brakes are perfect, gears all work smooth, hubs spin beautifully, headset and BB are smooth. Goodyear tires aren’t even cracking.
  2. Yup. About the only thing I might change is the seat. Duct tape isn't my style lol Doug
  3. That’s sweet. I have a black and gold Laguna.
  4. This thing is so nice. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I saw it in a garage sale ad yesterday. I really tried to unsee it, figuring it would be gone quick. I thought it was a laguna, but all I could see was the rear triangle. This morning I figured what the hell and messaged the poster to see if he still had it. Yup. Well damn. Had to drive up to the lake to get it but it was a pleasant surprise. Scorpion bars Araya steel rims Goodyear tires Normandy hubs tourney brakes all I had to add was a seatpost. They wrecked the original removing it.
  5. That's awesome Steve. I go up to Ashland occasionally, just because it's a cool town and only a 5 hour drive. Have to catch up next time. Doug
  6. I have a first batch 22" Holmes. Much more comfortable than a 20".