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  1. I don't know how tall you are, but that Fit is a really short frame. 20" top tube.
  2. Racing will use a V-brake. Fit doesn’t make a race bike though. A lot of freestyle bikes are brakekess these days, so be careful of that. U-brakes are the norm for freestyle/street/park bikes that have brakes.
  3. That's awesome Brian. Some new dropouts, fresh powder and correct Race Inc. decals and you will have a bad ass bike! (I kid I kid)
  4. Without pics, it looks like a junior from 1987.
  5. That’s not a collector, that’s a flipper.
  6. I'm not shredding on it, so these feel alright. May change down the line, but I like the old school vibe these give.
  7. The frame and fork finally arrived yesterday. I love this thing! Pictured don't do the finish justice. The red is amazing. 2020 Covid-29 F/F Promax integrated headset S&M Husky bars Jive trail grips S&M Race XLT 57mm stem Box lever Bassett wheelset White Industries 16t freewheel Profile 180mm cranks Profile mid BB Profile 30t Imperial chainwheel MKS reissue pedals Fluted seatpost Brooks B67 seat Shimano DXR brakes Kenda 29 x 2.20 skinwall tires Generic polished seatclamp\ Brass bell (It is a beach cruiser, afterall)
  8. I wouldn't restore that at all. Love the patina! I'm going to move this to the proper forum.
  9. I'm going to move this to an area where it will get a little more exposure.