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  1. I don't recognize those numbers at all. Post up a pic of the whole frame, maybe somebody can figure it out.
  2. Hi Jason. I moved this here to the proper forum. For sure not a Mongoose, but I'm not familiar with Aussie bikes. Hopefully someone can help! Doug
  3. Those certificates can easily end up in a trash can when someone unethical decides to get a few more dollars by claiming his stem is OG. This is a point that repoppers NEVER accept. Even Re-issues by original makers that aren't properly marked or changed in a way that is not changeable. Like Brian said, I don't think for a minute that you or Linn would try to mislead someone. It's after that fact that it becomes an issue. And it will 100%.
  4. I'm with Brian and Jake on this one. These aren't old stems. They are new product. He may have no intentions whatsoever of misleading anyone, but that doesn't mean whoever buys them shares that sentiment. It has happened time and time again. One of those stems will end up on a bike, and that bike will be sold, and then sold again, and the fact is is not OG will not be disclosed. As far as I am concerned, these stems will be suspect from this point forward.
  5. There are options out there. You can get a longer reach stem, that will make the bike feel more roomy. Bigger bars too. Not all frames are created equal. Some feel roomier based on their geometry. When you are at the track, Ask others with different XXL's to sit on them. You will find some feel more roomy. Welcome back! Doug
  6. Wow. It was 2008. I feel old now. Anyways, the one I had was an 84 XL.
  7. I'm thinking it's going to be an 86. I had an 85 long top tube that I sold to Contender years ago and I believe the serial started with 85. Same location. Doug
  8. This thing is amazing. All I did was air up the tires. Brakes are perfect, gears all work smooth, hubs spin beautifully, headset and BB are smooth. Goodyear tires aren’t even cracking.