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  1. wagonguy

    Elf jr pro

    Looks like a Jr or Expert for sure.
  2. Yeah. It was a manufacturing mistake. They fixed it for the 2008 models.
  3. That first year the Expert frames came with a Pro rear triangle. Brake posts didn't work for 1 3/8" wheels and they had the pro sized seat tube. We had one and it was funky trying to make it work. Only certain brakes had enough adjustment, and finding a uni seat that fit was just about impossible. I used a regular micro adjust and an odyssey mini seat iirc.
  4. There were a bunch of wheelsets sold on ebay years ago with those hubs and Velocity rims. I ran them on my racebike around 2007 or so.
  5. Yeah, Their T-shirts are $200. Can't imagine what the bike will cost.
  6. Rich kid toys. That bike will probably sell for more than a new car.
  7. Welcome! I moved your post here so more people will see it. Doug
  8. The one whale I could never land. Always wanted a Moose. Best I could do was the Huffy knockoff.
  9. That's awesome Tom! Good to see it home.