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  1. wagonguy

    Elf jr pro

    Looks like a Jr or Expert for sure.
  2. Yeah. It was a manufacturing mistake. They fixed it for the 2008 models.
  3. That first year the Expert frames came with a Pro rear triangle. Brake posts didn't work for 1 3/8" wheels and they had the pro sized seat tube. We had one and it was funky trying to make it work. Only certain brakes had enough adjustment, and finding a uni seat that fit was just about impossible. I used a regular micro adjust and an odyssey mini seat iirc.
  4. There were a bunch of wheelsets sold on ebay years ago with those hubs and Velocity rims. I ran them on my racebike around 2007 or so.
  5. Yeah, Their T-shirts are $200. Can't imagine what the bike will cost.
  6. Rich kid toys. That bike will probably sell for more than a new car.
  7. Welcome! I moved your post here so more people will see it. Doug
  8. The one whale I could never land. Always wanted a Moose. Best I could do was the Huffy knockoff.
  9. That's awesome Tom! Good to see it home.
  10. "what's it worth" posts are frowned upon here. This site is more about the history of BMX than the market. Cool survivor though.
  11. Moved this to a better suited forum. Looks amazing!
  12. Moving this to the midschool forum
  13. I'm not familiar with those, but hopefully someone will know the answer. Welcome to the site! Doug
  14. Some ass clown on facebook was asking for dimensions so he could make some a while back. People suck.
  15. I don't recognize those numbers at all. Post up a pic of the whole frame, maybe somebody can figure it out.