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  1. [Here is rough pic, will try to take higher res ones. Posted a few pics in gallery until I hit limit.
  2. Ha ha point well taken on the survivors- hopefully post up pics soon. Lookin over the bike it has some neat features I don't recall on many other bmx bikes- like the dia-compe metal brake cable holders and the all metal (not plastic) crank end caps which say "Diamond Back turbo" oddly enough
  3. A few years ago I came across an all original DB Formula 1 at the dump. It appears to me that absolutely nothing had been changed or replaced on it from its original purchase state, although it was in far from showroom condition with ripped comp 3's, very rust chain and rusty spokes. I polished it up lightly, replaced the wheels with tuffs I had (but kept them in basement in case they are valuable- 1.5 chrome Arayas or ukais with "sealed" hub ), replaced grips, chain and brake cable and gave it to my 9 year daughter to ride. I also took off the Suntour beartrap pedals (still with reflectors attached) as I remembered they could really bite into your shin and didn't want her to have that fate. She's now 13 and doesn't ride it, so was looking to possibly put it up for sale. There appear to be some decent parts on it including the sugino 3 piece crank, weird 3 bolt stem, chrome DB bars, goldish shimano brake with tech 3 lever. It might be possible to fix up the wheels, the spokes are pretty rusty and rims need a good cleaning but the hubs seem fine. The chrome frame has no washer marks (guessing the previous owner never worked on his bike) and all or most of the frame stickers. The fork stickers were totally shredded, so I peeled off the tatters when I cleaned them. So here is my question- Would it fetch more selling complete or part out? I'll post up pictures if that helps or I get any response.
  4. Here all sorts of stories of people pulling great bikes out of dump but up here in the Boston area never thought it would happen. Anyway two weeks ago, saw a bike with a diamond gusset sitting in the dump- we take our trash to the dump weekly and always looking aroundf. Saw what I though was a DB look alike- got a little closer to find a a complete Diamondback Formula one (1987?) out of the dump. Still has the ABA championship team sticker on it and all original parts, SR hinged stem, suntour XC pedals (wiht reflectors still attached) diacomp brake, tech 3 lever, sugino 3 pc crank, ruined but still intact comp III tires, 1.5 araya rims, sunshine hubs and a Kashimax seat. Spoke and chain are real rusty but the rest looks fairly decent and cleanable. These were an expert size bike and I 'm going to restore for my son who is now 5. I'll post a pic soon but just want to remind everyone to keep their eyes open when near the juinkyard or dump!
  5. Just to be clear- I posted these becuase I sold the bike and never posted pics of it. This community was awesome in helping me get it built, answering questions about parts mad and reliving some great memories. But the bike was sold a few week ago... :Live2ride:
  6. Recently sold my first and probably last old school build- an 1982 JMC shadow in chrome. It was fun the tracking down of parts and occasional lucky find was great. even better was remembering how much fun I had when I was 12-16 yrs old and building up bikes like this with my firends. Looking at everyone's builds also brought back some grerat memories. Why'd I sell? Hard to justify the money I had into the bike and given some recent expenses, I could use the money. Started out buying from a guy who posted some some fuzzy pictures off ebay (where it was built up as a mini with sew-up, mini bar, and min-tuf neck). Actually contacted Mr. Melton about the serial number before hand to confim it was a Shadow. Ended up getting stickers from him (never applied , leave that to the new buyer) and a repo pad set. When it arrived the frame/fork was in better shape than I thought and the cranks were outrageous! Better than anything I had seen back in the day. Suntour pedals that came with it also like new (still had the 9/16 sticker in prsitine condition). Got a nice buy on some JMC bars. So any way here are the only picts I got to take of her before I packed her to ship. Sorry the phots could be better but you get the idea. Love to hear any thoughts opinions on the build.
  7. Astro, That mini is looking sweet. Glad you were able to put those wheels and the uni seat to good use.
  8. Is there anyone you've had a good expeirence getting chrome redone? Loking for someone with eperience with old bmx bikes. I have a JMC Shadow that's in very good condition, but the top tube is scratched up from cable ties and it has some wear marks around the head tube (nickel showing through?) from brake cables. I would hate to lose the serial number on the drop outs or the JMC logo stamped on the back of the top tube, so I'm hesitant to take to a Harely shop that isn't knowledgeable about these type issues. In addition to the frame, I just came into a nice set of Araya 7xrims, but the chromes is flaking off them. Heard Aaluminim was a real beatch to re-chrome, so does anyone no if it will be an issue to do the rims chrome again?Should I just try to get all the crhome off them and then buff out the aluminum? In total I have a frame, fork (actually chrome is very good on forks but would re-chrome just to match to frame), two 7x rims and a set of JMC bars that could use re-chrome. I live in MA but would be willing to ship these pieces off to reputable dealer. Any idea on what this should cost to get all these parts done? Thanks in advance for any information you can offer
  9. The JMC bars are the small, heh? I guess its rookie beware on ebay although, I did realize that they could be a smaller size but figured by the time I asked and got a reply from the seller they would be sold. Live and learn I guess. If they are real smal, they may be back up for sale At least they will match the bike. I guess when say "rider", I mean I'll ride around the neighborhood on it with my kids, not race it or ride it hard.
  10. Given the choice between two frames and given that these frames are of similar condition- which is the more sought after/vaulable frame? 1) 1983 Chrome JMC Long 2) 1982 Chrome Shadow Just debating if I should sell my shadow frame to get a Long. Love to hear the reasons behind your answer
  11. Building up a nice chrome survivor shadow. Most parts will be chrome but may go with some black highlights if I can find. Should I go with old shcool Tuff IIs- not the repros but real Tuff II from BITD or try to find some black or silver arayas? Like the idea of black tuffs but not sure if they make sense on shadow (which in my mind is racing frame).