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  1. Thats a beautiful GT ya got JJR. All your bikes on the site look great. You still building those JJR frames?
  2. Thanks Paul . There's no pic of a headtube sticker close to either of our dimensions or with the BMX under the CYC logo anywhere on the net so far. I only have an Ames. I'm saving some money for the seat mast repair and parts to build her up. Oh whats your seatmast measurement on the Ames from the top tube up. Can't get over the Jr you have. Very nice!!!
  3. The finds just never stops with you!!! when you start unloading I'd like one of those CYC stickers.
  4. Damn!!! Bro got four CYC's!!! I could use a measurement and a close up of the headtube decal on the twin tube junior please. I can see the outline of what was on mine and it's 3 1/4 h x 2 1/4 w how does that compare to yours? Check out cycbmx.wordpress.com where I got those catalog pics from. The guy is trying to make a serial number database also. I got a 3 number serial on my Ames what you got on yours?
  5. Whoa!!!!!!!! That is beautiful man. What forks you go with??
  6. Awesome!!! This research is fascinating. This will be my first old school build EVER. Thank you for even more info!!!
  7. I don't know if you saw this thread. http://bmxactiononline.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=26&func=view&id=8024&catid=3#8024 I found it trying to find more info on these bikes. Real nice read!!!
  8. @JMC/Ace according to the ads his frame would need to have a standard size BB? That would make his Rarer!!!
  9. Thanks man!!! What else did you do to the GT?? More pics man!
  10. @seda I got a 1 1/4 gap between them. That sound about the same as yours? Also whats the length of your seat tube from the top tube up. Want to know what to tell whomever repairs it the right info. Seems the CYC's are shorter after 77 from looking at the CYC site.
  11. I'm not familiar with Badd F&F or whether it's correct or not. It's a Bad*ss build none the less Owl.
  12. Hey Suicyco. Can you tell me what the seatmast measurement is?