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  1. DUDE, That is the second biggest sprocket I have ever seen. (Next to my old Blammo of course, LOL)
  2. There's gonna be a little "live" verbage from Brian later on next month on the site as well, on our new webshow, brokenspokes BMX. I've noticed that Brian is a man of little words who has a lot to say.
  3. Thanks for mentioning me bro! Great time, looks like I may be making lots of treks (tracks) to NNJ in the future.... It's BMXNJ.com though..... ;-)
  4. Brian... I figured out what you were talking about at my site... There is now an events section..
  5. wow. I never knew anyone took pics of my sorry a** back then! That is amazing. Dude, I can't thank you enough for posting those. Man it seems like yesterday and 5 million years ago at the same time. I really like that shot of my old 1/4 pipe from that NBL contest at EHT. Who is doing the no-hander in that photo?
  6. Mel kicked it. I think I have some pics of that comp at the school Chromey.
  7. yo, I'm the for the NJ CJBMX site.Like I told the Ant Dog, Lisa and Carol have the access codes (you mean usernames and passwords) to the site, as you can see since it has been updated by someone as late as this month. Man...that was just lame bro, I wish I had seen that post earlier, but I would NEVER skip out on something I created and leave people hanging without the ability to let someone else do it. Sorry to drop the drama in, but that just bummed me out completely.
  8. Great meeting you too Lee, It's nice to be someplace to bs about BMX without any stressing.
  9. yo fellers, I put up some pics and a story on my site. It was cool meeting and remeeting all you guys. See ya again out there.... somewhere....
  10. man... I'm chasing S. Brothers around this evening either apologizing or backing him up, lol. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I was around the freestyle scene for a long time, it seems they have more of a free mind for stuff like this. racing or freestyle....is definately going to make people say...."This isn't the summer olympics I remember". A racer wearing a Free Tibet shirt, well I would have to say that BMX racing would immediately be "back on the map".
  11. and... public apology to S. Brothers for stupidly forgetting to put a link on my site.
  12. well put, S man. I shall have a link up this evening. (just got it done) I guess I should mention that I don't take adverstising for the site or anything, it's 100% me funded, lol, so sometimes I forget to put reciprocal links. and of course anyone is free to join my place and advertise theirs! Sorry bro!
  13. The little szine I put out? There are pdf's of it online at my site. I have copies I can send out, just need an address. Thanks for the props!