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  1. Hi all me and ED would like to thank Steve and the crew for making this awesome event happen,special thanks to Brian(sodbuster)who inspires me on my MX and BMX builds.Ken for the hack and Tandem and Crazy Joe who helped fab my parts.
  2. Hi all me and Eddie G had an awesome time just can't thank Steve and the crew for putting together an unforgettable event,so many cool bikes.
  3. Hi all fixed a few things,hope to bring it to the show in a few weeks,had a test ride with the grandson. GLJ by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_4926 by krate-mayhem, on Flickr
  4. That is a great-looking bike and thanks for the help on mine
  5. Hi all hope to work on this for my winter project,tweeked the hack a few month ago needs a little help,
  6. Hi all was at The St. Louis (Collinsville, IL) show,had a great time looks like BMX had a stong showing,wish I could have brought some of my bikes to show. stl show by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_2440 (Medium) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_2427 (Medium) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_2318 (Medium) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_2445 (Medium) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr Here is a link to some of my pictures from The St. Louis (Collinsville, IL) show.
  7. That Webco just looks great,makes me want to work on mine,thanks for posting.
  8. That is a great lookig bike one of my fovorites.
  9. Hi all thanks for the help and info,us having some fun hope to work on the bike this week and get some more parts. the gang by krate-mayhem, on Flickr
  10. Hi all had some time to make one bracket need to fab a few more and maybe weld a few braces
  11. Hi all and thanks,I was hoping someone can help me out with some stickers for my project headbadge and frame that are Gary Littlejohn,don't know if they are chrome,white or clear,is someone making them thanks for any info. peace, justdave
  12. Hi all here is a mock up of my GLJ Tandem sidehack project,thanks again Ken,am working to fab some alu. blocks and get some more parts.
  13. Hope this helps. IMG_8011 (Large) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr IMG_8010 (Large) by krate-mayhem, on Flickr