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  1. Any idea when the park gates open for the event? Is it 7 or 8am? I really want to hit the OCTO meet then be at the park at 8am-- this will be a big weekend-- with Nick's Burger's on Friday night (cal-look cruise night), OCTO and the Bmx event on Saturday, and the VW Classic on Sunday. I might have to take Monday off to recover! Troy
  2. And that would be Dave Masterson? -- who was an instructor, counselor, and mechanic the first year at Woodward with Mike Poulson, Joe Baumert, and Eddy King.
  3. What time? They are talking about rain? Slow pace? Can't make up my mind (24,16, or hack)? Troy
  4. Jimmy, Try'em you might like them! I am 50/50 Oakley to A'me. I think the A'me compond is more durable than the oakley rubber. I am a A'me fini guy- because you can change the colors around to match any build. Plus they fit that eara of most of my builds "80 to 82". Plus I think A'me's are a better value (price) then Oakley's. If your riding your bike- let's face it-- your going down at some point, and the grips will show wear also. Just my .02$ Troy
  5. Looks like a great tade to me Jimmy (got the f/f today). Use hair spray when installing the grips. If you find someone to trade, it would be cool to have a dual color combo. That grip was the first version of the 82ish Fini! Troy
  6. We won what might have been the last SC NHRA Wally in October at Pomona. We ran a best of 11.01 at 122MPH winning the quick 16 PRO class. The best part was they showed the final on ESPN 2! Troy
  7. I was thinking about packing the cooler and digging into the parts and frame stash to sell. Anyone else attending. The last few LBC swaps I have missed due to race and family weekends-- there sure has been some quality finds the last few swaps! Troy
  8. I have put a cap on my collection at 10, but I am holding at a bakers dozen 1970's 1. Factory made (chicago) Team Schwinn frame with campy drops/euro BB, and brazed welds. Pre-sting 1976 to 1978, serial number is 1974 2. 1979 Sting 3. Patterson Nichel (Brent or Pro model) 4. Patterson Nickel Avalanche 5. 1976 RL Squareback 1980's 6. 1981 Sting 7. 16" Powerlite Pit 8. 1981 GJS 9. 1981 Looptail Quad 10. 1981 Chrome Patterson Long 11. RL 1980 Pro-Line candy red 12. 1983 GT pro mounted to 1981/82 GLJ hack 13. Champ Pro style 24"
  9. I guess we will all see what the market will bare. Yes these hubs are Ultra rare-- but a price like this will bring other SST's out of the wood works and crazy money. Plus, they may never be laced at $3,500.
  10. I'm in- will we be able to drink beer and sell a few items? Troy
  11. When using the 1st generation non-pinch cranks and you want to use another spider combo-- do you still need the washer/spacer like the pinch bolt 401's? Thanks Troy
  12. Jimmy, I have a set of nos GHP cruiser bars if you need any measurements. Basically they look like race inc cruiser bars. I know of one race inc cruiser that has ghp bars with RI a sticker on them. Nice ride-- looks like most of the parts from the JMC 24? Troy