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  1. nice ride SEADOOIT !! Similar to the colour combo I am building it up with... should be able to get some picts up soon.
  2. Thanks guys... looks like I will be keeping it then as it was sold as an expert frame on (the guy seemed a bit confused about his actual frame sizes)... bit pissed about the small dent (not because you can see it.. as its on the underside) but cos he didnt mention it. I paid $300 for it.. which was probably a bit steep... but its going to look sick once I build it up... and now my girlfriend is very happy! Still the undrilled forks is a nice touch. Moral... beware the bay! Any one got a 24" GT frame and forks for sale?
  3. now my girlfriend is eyeing it up for herself! Told her I need to sort this out... before she gets a bike
  4. hi Andy.. here are the picts.... when I questioned the size he emailed me the below answer: The expert frame is the standard size frame. The top tube is 18.5 inches. It was called the GT 2. The pro was called the GT 4.
  5. I bought (what I was told was) a 83' Santa Ana GT Nora Cup Expert Frame and Forks from Ebay... the guy said the frame size was 18.5"... but when I got it, it is more like 17" (measuring from the middle of the seat hole to the middle of the stem hole). Have I been ripped off? Is this a 'mini' frame rather than an Expert? The serial if it helps is: 23968 He should now how to measure frames properly, as he had a few BMX's in the background in the photo. I just want to get my facts right before I contact the seller. Thanks PS to make matters worth, it also has a small dent in the bottom tube that he never mentioned was there!
  6. Hi Guys I building up a Santa Ana GT '83... any suggetions what stem to go for? Cheers
  7. NOSNOD that is inspiring!! Your bike is beautiful! I'm 6'3" so good to know it rides well for us big boys!
  8. Brian... I paid £302... which is roughly $650 (in real money!) The guy was selling it on ebay in the UK. One s**t picture and no real discription. It was listed as a 'Haro Freestyle', and didnt have BMX in the title... so I guess a few people missed out on it. I took a punt and it seemed to have paid off. Its not about if I am going to make anything on it.. I've just got a nice bit of BMX history... I'm so happy about it I cant stop looking at it! Pulled a 180 bunny hop first time on it, after 15 years off... so yeah I'm hooked again! Next is to build my bike.. I think I've got some nice parts... I feel another question coming on...
  9. I have been offered a redline 600a series 3 (83)... I was never into Redlines growing up (I hated the kid that had one on my street!) now I have grown up, moved on and forgiven him for being such a twat... I quite like em! Whats the general opinion of the 600a.. or should I be tracking down another?
  10. I want one! Too cool!javascript:emoticon(':32:')
  11. Dont worry guys its not going to be touched! Just riden with love! I only asked about the 'worth', just to put my mind at rest that I didnt pay too much for it (as I am broke at the moment!)... and prices are always higher in the UK. Good point about people just buying the frames and forks when it first came out... or getting the bike and changing bits and pieces... thats why I could believe nothing had been touched! As for selling it... I doubt that will ever happen... its now a family Heirloom ... but if I do go mental... prior to being locked up, you guys will get first refusal!
  12. Guys... I'm keeping it as is! Might very carefully clean up the chrome.. but thats it... I love the original look too. Thanks for all the coments and advice. I went through the list Brian, and its all there... it even has the original Oakley B 2's, white Diacompe break pads (which are mint!) and the original National Panaracer Freestyle tires. The guy I bought it from must have had riden it a few times and then stuck it in his garage for the last 20 years! What would this Haro be worth in this original condition? I'm just interested... I am not selling it as this was my favorite bike when I was younger.. untill some C**T stole it! Time to concentrate on the GT now!