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  1. i noticed the hollow pin, but just checked and its a Regina and the thinnest walled pins I've ever seen
  2. sooo sick. i think the forks are bent and that deserves better than Tange forks
  3. this is actually a bad ass lil expert. it has Kovachi hubs/wheels with i think ti Lowey axels, comp 3's, crupi pedals, tnt stem, answer forks, two piece seat clamp,
  4. Does anyone know what brand these are? Caps are Doetek and spider is Sakae.
  5. nice 81-82. is it just me or is that laid back post killing that bike ?
  6. do you live in america? akisu had lots of nice generic "overseas" bikes
  7. thats a DK. i think some were made by "us boss" in livermore. not Carlo of Oakland
  8. any local sticker shop can reproduce them if you know the font size