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  1. i have a cruiser f/f and a couple sprockets what do you need help with
  2. shadow could have anything on it because the company was so small. let your imagination run wild
  3. which brand of forks are on the gold Rampar
  4. beautiful. i could see the mini with a bubble top stem
  5. Yeah I don’t know what was going on because it’s 15ft up.
  6. I’m in aerospace manufacturing and had to get a new job because of the Boeing 737max fiasco. Well the other day I look inside the shop next to my new work and I see a wheel hanging from the ceiling. today the owner was outside and I asked him about the when and he said he grew up riding motorcycles at Saddleback in the mid 70’s and was a machinist right out of high school. he said he worked for Peterson research and they made at least 10,000 of these mags for Dale enterprises. One operation on a manual lathe and it took less than 2 minutes. He said they would bring in pallets of them.
  7. if you restore it i will take my own life
  8. do you know who made them for ghp
  9. I believe the blue forks are from the early patterson add. chrome ones are 81
  10. to my knowledge in 81 patterson stopped dealing with Boss/Carlo and had the 81 frames made by Trakmaster and thats when the first Patterson fork(proline style) came out. the following year 82 Patterson switched to GT as their frame builder and the taller PR200 PR240.... were started and a more GT style fork. ill post pictures of my two Patterson forks 79 and 80
  11. nope. nothing to do with each other
  12. Ditch the forks and cranks. Get these cranks and S&M forks
  13. would the Panda have came with Rampar forks ?