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  1. do you have a picture? might be Nov 96 does it have canti brakes, 1.125 head set?
  2. that is the more modern logo not 80's
  3. there was a guy with one leg that used to race the reno aba national around 2000
  4. the welds from the tubes to the head tube look fine and i would think that "gusset" didn't give much strength bitd. r.i.p. huffy, schucks, ace hardware, true value bikes
  5. i wonder if a good machinist could drill out and thread holes for new threaded posts? it looks like enough surface area to do it. file the surface flat, centerdrill, drill thread minor, tap.
  6. this frame was just mentioned on the Boss fb page. sounds like it was a carlo made loop tail Boss restickered for Mr Bmx just like Panda cruisers
  7. yep most likely on the front of the head tube
  8. does anyone have a left hand weyless pedal spindle for sale ?
  9. a guy up here that i sold parts to lost everything including a loop boss cruiser
  10. i helped Marty with the new designs and manufacturing ideas so i was sponsored for a few years as a form of a thank you. that stem is one of the first 100 limited edition models and was #00/100 but craig hooper bitched and threw a fit so Marty took it back and machined it down and re engraved it with my name. i also have the first front loader in 49mm and a mini stem