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  1. i have a padded ti rail version with the same font on my pitbull floval which is 92?
  2. no problem at all rick. whenever i come across a bike that needs love i think of you
  3. my friend got a Laguna 101 in like 82 and it was soooo heavy
  4. do you have a picture? might be Nov 96 does it have canti brakes, 1.125 head set?
  5. that is the more modern logo not 80's
  6. there was a guy with one leg that used to race the reno aba national around 2000
  7. the welds from the tubes to the head tube look fine and i would think that "gusset" didn't give much strength bitd. r.i.p. huffy, schucks, ace hardware, true value bikes
  8. i wonder if a good machinist could drill out and thread holes for new threaded posts? it looks like enough surface area to do it. file the surface flat, centerdrill, drill thread minor, tap.