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  1. a guy up here that i sold parts to lost everything including a loop boss cruiser
  2. i helped Marty with the new designs and manufacturing ideas so i was sponsored for a few years as a form of a thank you. that stem is one of the first 100 limited edition models and was #00/100 but craig hooper bitched and threw a fit so Marty took it back and machined it down and re engraved it with my name. i also have the first front loader in 49mm and a mini stem
  3. My esp stem is a little different than yours :)
  4. yes it is. its meant to be mounted closer to the cross bar so the bent part is inline with the grip
  5. i didn't see this 9 years ago. sorry
  6. there is a later version of the company that is "cooks" bros
  7. doesn't " late 1980" fall between 78-83 ?
  8. nice bike. a few different decades of parts
  9. i don't see a picture of your bike