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  1. i have the same model with pit bull brakes and serial number FF171 and bought it new around 1990. i ordered it from a local shop and it wasn't sitting around
  2. i believe its a Laguna 101. my friend bought one new around 82ish
  3. Did you make the whole frame or start with a old frame ?
  4. looks like one to me. most likely wrong stem bolt. i think first gen like that just had a sticker. I'm interested in buying it if you're willing to sell
  5. that bike has so much potential in the right hands
  6. that looks like $500 if you find the right buyer. but $300 is more reasonable. if it was a team, super, or decoster and complete i could see $2500.
  7. i have a padded ti rail version with the same font on my pitbull floval which is 92?
  8. no problem at all rick. whenever i come across a bike that needs love i think of you