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  1. Apparently, the editor is one of us: http://www.edmunds.com/acura/mdx/2014/long-term-road-test/2014-acura-mdx-20-inch-bike-doesnt-fit.html
  2. I'm interested in those forks if you're looking to sell or trader, thanks.
  3. A buddy had a Rampar in red that looked very, very similar. As stated, that was the shiz BITD before BMX brought the "less is more" thought into our lives. Great bike.
  4. Great bike. I seem to recall some very, very early SE PK ads that showed what appeared to be anodized in gold; never saw an ano-ed blue one before. Whew, killer score.
  5. I thought they were KZ-2's now that I think back...
  6. I had that exact same frame, but in stellar condition. Great bike, and not exceptionally well known for some reason; I guess people are far more familiar with the non-looptail Kuwahara's.
  7. Are some of the new school non-racing bikes with that sleek, low top tube translate well into street riding and the occasional on-track riding and racing, or is the new school geometry just too different with regard to the headtube (the rest looks close to the Patterson above)?
  8. Nice! Those Patterson's were always the sleekest looking bikes with the aggressive geometry. Love it.
  9. I won a light blue 2007 retro looptail Quad frame on eBay the other day that was built as a display bike so it has a few knicks and such, so I may build that as my new race bike, but I need to get an LG fork. I wasn't sure if I should build my NOS still-in-the-box red Quad f&f but figured I'd keep that for the future. I need to sell my RL XLR8R frame to finance this build (already sold the Flight Fork to finance the frame purchase - trying to keep from spending other money on this and keep the build reasonable). I also have some OG Arayas that are in decent shape that I may sell as well to finance the rims, etc. I'd really like to find some of the original stuff that came on the retro Quads so I could get it close to what they were like when they were sold as fully built bikes. But, I've been contemplating going off the grid and doing maybe a two-tone blue or some other color combo. Any thoughts?
  10. Growing up, my buddy had one of those Scramblers in brown with the yellow 10(?) spoke mags on it. Pretty heavy, but a nice looking bike that was indestructible. Wouldn't mind finding one of those these days.
  11. I would vote The Sting frame as probably the most sleek or "prettiest" frame of the Golden Age of BMX. Hutch had the bling with their nice chrome, Torker's, Thrusters, Quads, PK's, etc. were unique, but there wasn't much prettier than a tricked out Sting.
  12. D'OH. COMPLETELY missed that headtube sticker, lol. thanks for the correction.