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  1. Thanks! We never got them to take off even though it was an easy way to personalize the plates back then!
  2. Speaking of number plates. We made our own on a magnetic sign machine back in 1975.
  3. I have some Generic brand decals from 74 through 76. What sorts of ones might folks need to see?
  4. Tom Hand

    I added and changed a few items.
  5. Tom Hand

    Will fill in some more details when I have time to get it down and record the component names. 
  6. Jerry, It has been a long time! Notice I said Mark temporarily leads you? I remember exactly who won that race! You still have your green Javelin? I stil have a cool book your dad left for me at work. Tom
  7. And a vintage 1975 24" monoshock, homemade. Still exists today in St. Louis.
  8. You guys have a lot of nice sweet cruiser bikes but they all look safe sitting at home and in your houses. Let's pay homage to where it all began; big bikes on dirt with fenders and chaingaurds and weighing 50 pounds!!!.
  9. I found my letter from Mathews to me back in 1976. Might post it one of these days for fun. Also found my DG Catalog that Jeff sent to me back then. . Can't recall if I posted this before. This is the bike we built in 1975. My brother got hurt badly on it. Also have one of the monoshock we made, I'll get it up here too if I can find it.
  10. Thank you. Here is the lost photo that we think shows Brian R at Corona in mid 1976. Is this correct Brian? Tom
  11. Just me chillin, I bought one for $50 once like that in a box but they have gone up it seems since then. Hey do you have any open that you could copy that instruction manual? I have the ones from the JC Penney bike but not the OEM Shimano one. Thank you. Tom
  12. As Mr. Hand says, "Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?" "What are you, people? On dope? " Coasty, it was fun to be here in those times!!! Tom