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  1. Don't have any Robinsons in the stable anymore, but I sure do like em. Your Number 031 is sure a nice low serial number find!!!
  2. Bump for Steve's registry. There are some pics serial numbers and weights in this thread. Also some who may still own theirs???? Curt weighed his wide loop with the top of the seat mast broke off....... 5lb 9oz.
  3. I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong, that the higher quality SE complete bikes (JU, Pk, Quad, OM, Floval) were always referred to as "Killer" or "Killer Completes" or Killer Kits". I am pretty sure this description began in the late 70's and carried through.
  4. The early Free Agents are always interesting! Neat colors, nice decals, and quality race rigs! I LIKE IT!!
  5. Curt, Nice work with citing a powerplant prodigy, Smokey was a genius! I was going to interject the same info. regarding timing chains VS. gears or timing belts. Timing belts are also superior to chains in terms of keeping precise timing over longer periods of time. However, are more prone to catastrophic failure over the course of it's lifespan, which is the only reason it is recommended to change timing belts more frequently than timing chains. This not to say that timing chains never fail catastrophically, because they do as well. I have seen bicycle chains wear exceedingly quickly, when proper tension is not maintained or chain is not properly lubed. I have seen bicycle chains break. Perhaps belt drive can provide prolonged service intervals with less chance of catastrophic failure? I will enjoy following the evolution and eventual acceptance or rejection of the concept. Personally I like it, look how long it took the industry to adopt the Cook Uni-Clamp idea. I think the belt drive concept has taken longer, but it may be here to stay.
  6. So disappointing and sad. Such a young man with so much ahead of him! Prayers go out to his family and friends. I speak from experience and can attest that concussions are not an insignificant injury. At the age of 20 I suffered a severe concussion that put me in the hospital for 7 days, in all I was horizontal for just over a month. I could not get vertical without severe dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, and headaches. I also could not look at moving pictures or objects without the same symptoms. I can tell you that I was not the same person after that 1 injury. Personality changed, as I became less patient, more introverted, quiet, too serious, and less social with unfamiliar people or places. Parents sent me for therapy as I thought it was depression. I finally came to the realization that that concussion had to be at least be a component of what was happening to me and that I was not depressed just needed to be OK with me now. With what we now know about CTE........I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like for someone who has had several.
  7. Based on the details reported I would say it is a 95% chance it is a Vanishing Point. The Jamie Burrows Replica was made from early 79 to late 79 and renamed Vanishing Point in late 1979.
  8. Can you post a close up pic of the brace behind the BB and a closeup of where the head tube gusset bends in the V shape. The BB brace was flat on most if not all the frames made in 1978 and sometime up until late 1979 the head tube gusset was was fully welded around the V bend at both the top and bottom tube. They stopped doing it late 1979 to alleviate stress right at those points as it was causing stress cracking in the top and bottom tubes. It worked and the stress cracking issue went away. Also I believe the stamping is some kind of municpal registration, I know many police stations used to offer it in case a bike was stolen and recovered. I have not ever seen a Thruster that was stamped with serial number from the Factory....though it is possible some of the last ones from 84 were. 18 1/2 " top tube is either a Jamie Burrows Replica or a Vanishing Point, depending on when it was made. Both frames were identical though.
  9. Truly a fitting and deserved tribute to Scot's vision, accomplishments, passion, message, and challenges.
  10. Very sad to hear of Scot's passing. He will be missed. Condolences, thoughts and prayers to his family.
  11. So those were pre-Aerospeed. interesting to see how Aerospeeds borrowed Bill's sculpted design at the ends of the crank arms.
  12. Bill's Grove Innovations Hot Rods cranks used the tri-lobe design mating end, 2 piece crank, with the oval tubing. I think he introduced them in 1987 or 88, and were what he wanted the Aerospeeds to become. The Hot Rods were very reliable, but had a short life span as it was difficult to drive the MTB market from aluminum 3 piece cranks. They are extremely desirable in the high end boutique MTB collecting circles. The confrontation between Bill and Richard was extremely contentious. Richard really stepped on his johnson and lost the most valuable asset his company had.
  13. I believe those are the cranks that led to Bill grove quitting Hutch. Richard had a fit that Bill spent his time making "new" protoypes rather than Bill making Richard's original Aerospeed spindle idea reliable. Bill never believed the hexagonal/wedged spindle was workable.
  14. They are re-decaled General Hustlers.