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  1. Anyone driving the distance? I'm bringing a bunch of stuff to sell, so I am making the trip!! Hopefully I will be able to find the crew taking the beach ride, I am looking forward to it. I'll see you guys there. Georg
  2. I would chem strip it, if it were mine to do. Some media is fine, but I wouldn't risk it.
  3. Brian, the loops are different. I think one thing to remember here is that a few different manufacturers built these things. Georg
  4. I'll add a little info here. In my pics are frames #142 in baby blue and #3080 in red. The red frame weighs 4 lbs 10 oz. I have not taken the baby blue one apart to weigh it as of yet. Hope this helps some, not sure with all the confusing info so far. An added note, in the pic of both frames, remember the red one is closer to the camera.
  5. Lionel, is there any serial number on it? It appears not to. Did Scot give you a list of all the riders that rode it bitd? Georg
  6. Nice Lionel, what color is it exactly? Looks like the gold, but not sure. What year too? Georg
  7. That's what it looks like and someone got it cheap!
  8. So do I, got 1 NOS and a set built up from NOS. I was going to sell them soon, so... Here they are:
  9. Where is the serial number? The main difference is obviously the seat stay location and straight tubing, my 83 and 84 are higher than the 85 posted. The brake bridge is 82 83 84.... Who's to say it isn't a prototype. I have seen an 82 with a round brake bridge and frame stands! It does look cool, I like it. Maybe it was a test to keep the look of the loop, incorporate new dropouts and chainstays. Obviously reducing the cost of forming the loops. Very interesting piece, I'd like to know the story.
  10. It looks great Andy. On that plate, try a hair dryer on it to soften it up a little, just a suggestion. Georg
  11. I checked two weeks ago, they don't!! LOL And to think my boys didn't want one!
  12. Definitely third gen. I have 2nd and 3rd in the for sale section, pics aren't the best tho..
  13. Yes Steve, it has been. BMX stays in your blood though!!! Here's another shot, OM and cousins!!
  14. Larock, here's the OM today: