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  1. Really digging the tange forks on it... the minimal offset probably makes the steering pretty quick....
  2. Love the pic of Davidow riding the rig... would bet those are silver-flange graphites he's jamming. Any sense of the date on that pic?
  3. i tried it.... crashed badly. got the brakes mixed up. note to crew: have your brake pads dialed, and stay out of the streets - unless you can hold an endo Mike Buff style...
  4. S- I remember that post --- going to find it now. Right after I do a miami hopper to the other side.... no worries... i got this....
  5. I was goofy footed when I got my first skateboard at age eight. I get that's a natural thing. However, here's my question... why do our brothers' from another mother run their brakes on the other side. Rear brake on the left? That changes the way you learn (and do) Miami Hoppers.... if we've discussed this already, please B-Slap me.... Seems like we need to socialize this.
  6. Wow! That is gorgeous.... the tires are completely off the chain....
  7. wow is all i can say... this thing is sweet. i'd love to see a blackwall snakebelly on the rear - but this is ridiculous. well done.
  8. He's never failed a challenge as far as I'm aware...
  9. Superb on every possible level... impossible to duplicate. Well done!
  10. agreed. in most instances, the originals are easily purchased and inspected up close and personal. it's just the way it is... this guy is a blowhard though, have to agree on that...
  11. Looks great! Have fun with the build... What kind of stem is that? The reach looks perfect for an inverted stem...