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  1. Oh cool, thank you for the tire swap much appreciated my friend. Oh for sure. Thank you!
  2. Great seeing everyone that made it out today. It's always an honor to shoot the shit with everyone. Big big thanks to Joe Buffardi for hooking me up with the 13/16 fluted seatpost. Can't wait till the next one already. Thanks.
  3. Hey Todzilla! The oneon the right is the R the zx7 had the tail piece on it while I was working on the R. Scored it for $700 with Works performance shock and onhlins dampner and yoshimura rs3 pipe
  4. Sup fellas? I dont lurk too much anymore besides i am lost in this site! Just scored me a Kos Kruiser the other day for $55 so thats my focus right now gonna clean hwer up for the summer rides. But heres my line up!
  5. its those things they put under your drinks at the bar.
  6. I agree Sorry about your mother Ray. Take the $50 refund and consider it a good loss.
  7. Thanks guys the more i look at it the more I like it. yes ACS stem and all og except for the seat
  8. beautifully done, I like the white one the best nice job!
  9. thanks boys I am stoked with it as I had one of these back in the day but it was a pit. I have never been a skyway wheels fan but they're starting to grow on me.
  10. well my friend who I bought my Yamaha FZR400 from has had this in his garage for a while. I almost bought it back then but i held off. So today I saw him at the Long Beach Swap meet and he asked me if i wantd to buy it and for the price well i just couldnt let it pass she will remain this way i like the feel of it i will tune it up and clean it. 98% survivor. I put a new seat (thanks Alvin) on it as the seat that it came with was broken.
  11. Very nice you can send them to Philwood to get them re-axled
  12. and here i thought there was gonna be a picture of Trevor taking off his bra, getting it off his chest finally coming out. It wouldnt be the same without you here.
  13. Tom i will take the dyno for the kids next door if you dont want it
  14. we are in the process of info getting right now i will let all ya know with a parts list when I find out thank you all for hittin.
  15. LOL Brian B. Maybe Well I will let all you who are in know when I get some info on the way we are gonna go. I am excited its gonna rock like the last one Thank you all for inquiring and Brian P. I knew we could count on you!