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  1. It sure does, good eye. I also noticed the framed BMXA test article in the background. I still have that thing in my garage
  2. I still have this beauty. Frame weighs 5.3 lbs
  3. Sweet, I like that Hauler man. Very nice, you don't see too many of those. I have some original artwork for the Hauler logo that didn't make the cut.... I got it from Scot many years ago, just thought I'd share.
  4. Great thread, I like these old rigs. Here are few I had on my hard drive.
  5. where did you find these pics? Hi Nigel, very cool.. I took the pictures. Do you remember how the bike was built back then? Or do you have any other pictures of it from that day.
  6. When and where this photo was taken? I know it was used in a 1980 BMXA article highlighting the 1979 Nora Cup winners, but I'm curious when and where the photo was actually shot.
  7. haha for sure! I missed this place. I wish a few of those guys would come back too, not all of them of course. lol
  8. carbizguy


    Yes, this is a DID chain but it was NOS in the bag. (no DID packaging because its part of a complete 1984 Torker 280 kit)
  9. Yes, 4'2" dudes cannot ride 29" bicycles fo sho haha speak for yourself, I'm 5'11" sucka.
  10. hahaa, classic. Its all good, we needed that passion in this hobby... I would love to have some of that fire back too!
  11. so, 6 years later.... this thing weighs 5.3lbs and I still don't know what to do with it
  12. Hahaa doing good Brian, just been staying busy with the carbiz. Yeah that build looked fun, I need to start a project soon!