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  1. Wow you do awesome videos too!

    Well aren't you just an all 'round guy... haHaaa!

  2. Thanks. One of my next projects is a bio on me. My best friend told me all i see is you doing videos of others but none of yourself. There is still alot of things that people do not know about me, or do they really want to know lol
  3. http://vimeo.com/23565965 Video I put together using the new incubus song. enjoy CJBMX CHALLENGER RACE from anthony brown on Vimeo.
  4. This is the CJBMX schedule As I getthe other ones I will update Registration will begin at 9:30am on race days and end at 11:30. Races begin at noon! Practices will be held most Wednesdays and Fridays from April 13th through November. Practices will run from 5:00 - 9:00. Race Dates: April 10 - Opening Day April 20 - Local Racing May 1 - Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race May 6-8 - Northeast Regional May 15 - Local Racing May 22 - Local Racing June 1 - Local Racing June 15 - Local Racing June 19 - Local Racing June 26 - Local Racing June 29 - Local Racing July 10 - Local Racing July 17 - Local Racing July 31 - Local Racing August 7 - Local Racing August 21 - Local Racing August 28 - Local Racing September 11 - Local Racing September 18 - Local Racing September 25 - Local Racing October 2 - Local Racing October 9 - Local Racing October 16 - Local Racing October 23 - Local Racing October 30 - Pedal Mommy Pedal November 6 - Local Racing November 13 - Local Racing November 20 - Local Racing November 27 - Local Racing December 4 - Iron Man Any weekends that are left off the schedule are weekends in which there is a Regional or National Race being held at another track. http://ver3.cjbmx.org/
  5. one of my bikes updated pics tommorow http://s787.photobucket.com/albums/yy160/bmxracer_2009/Challenger%202011/
  6. Yep I know james, one of the most stylish older guys out there. Sod I do my interviews antdog style- mouthing is scripted and usually I say what is on my mind. LOL
  7. I have not been here in a while but wanted to say hello, and share some of the videos I have been doing, and some news. I have been going to school and I recieved a 1,000 dollar scholarship fom the NBl. Still Very happily married and mrs antdog has been more supportive than ever before of my racing. I also wil be rcing a Bulldog bikes frame this season. Other than that I am still the same dude just a little older and more grey hair. Now I did this interview and did not realize I was saying 2010 the whole time http://www.cac-tv.com/2011/01/bmx-2011-nbl-challenger-lexington-va-ant-dog/ And I am now on the STYLIN national team. This was a surprise and I consider it an honor.
  8. On November 14th we celebrate the life of Kevin Anderson. Kevin was a CJBMX local who raced along with his son. Kevin battled cancer and passed away last week. But We will honor Kevin on Nov.14th 2010. We will have an Old/Mid School race. 10.00 entry fee, with prizes. We will also have a pro am, for those who do not have an old school ride. Rules for the old school Canti –lever bakes are allowed for this race. No euro no- thread less stems. No carbon fiber forks. No cassette hubs . (unless they are the old school version.) Pro am 16 & over -10.00 entry fee- No cash prize, but we will have items to award the riders. Let’s come together as one big family and support our fallen racer. Below is a list of the people donating prizes UGP chip N dale bikes grove street bikes. scarred4 life clothing. Team Point Pleasant Rennen -SC Action sports- Pork chop BMX If you wish to donate please send all donations to SC action Sports 2449 Route 9 North Howell, NJ 07731 Attn antdog/lisa heath- benefit race. Thank you for reading this and if you choose to help we would be grateful. If anyone wants to contact me bigblock08837@optonline.net is my direct email. CJBMX.org for directions to the track
  9. KING OF OLD SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT On July 18th, which is the First King Of Old School race, we will be doing something different. This past week Jacob Henninger sadly passed away. He was a future bmx’er whose life was cut short by a tragic accident. His father is a member of the community. Words can’t describe the pain the family feels. Instead of having a payout at the race the money will be given to the family to assist with the vast expenses. Also FOR ONE RACE ONLY WE WILL we will relax the rules a little. If you have a bike with a threaded headset, and cantilever style brakes. You will be allowed to race the KOS. This is for one race only. We will also not be counting points at this race as well. The soul purpose is to assist the family in this time of need & grief. Let’s all come together and help out one of our own. There will be more announcements forthcoming. Race will take place at CJBMX. Thank you Anthony antdog brown
  10. The weekend of the 16th through the 18th is a big one. It is The first NBL Regional race of 2010 in the north east, But Saturday is going to be a real good day. Along with the race we will be having a bike show & swap meet. We will have table space at $12.00 a table, and we will have an old school bike show. The swap meet is from 10 am to 3pm Best Race Bike Best Freestyle bike Can have 990's Most unique build. Just as in the King Of Old school series, No cantis no euro no clips Unless it is a bike that came with cantis BITD same applies to euro BB No cassette hubs (unless they are early shimmano's) You are welcome to show any bike you want, but only the above bikes will be eligible for judging. Feel free to contact me or fellow museum member 2rippinrons if you ave any questions. CJBMX is gonna be rocking that weekend.. You are going to want to be a part of it.. 12.00 a table is an awesome deal. And do not forget the bike show.
  11. As an announcer. Rule 1 make sure plate is legible other wise we have a hard time and so do the scorers Rule 2- do not put contrasting colors (black plate-red numbers etc). It is hard to read. I understand that todays plates are smaller than older ones and people want to rep their sponsors. But a clutterd plate does not help your cause
  12. Not true old school BUt it works for me finshed product It will see dirt BTW