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  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy B!!! Hope you had a great day!!!
  2. She looks FAST!!! Great build Andy!!
  3. WOW!!! Those are some BEAUTIFUL rides!!! Do you have pics of the inside of your 47??? I have a 52 pickup. Thanks
  4. I have used TESTORS model paint. They have transparent colors that look good over chrome!!! You can pick some up at a Hobby shop
  5. ESP mini stem & NOS PROFILE Lock Jaw stem!!!
  6. Jason, I was at an art show and I was gonna buy that print, it was No.1 but my friend saw it first and ended up losing out on it!!!
  7. One of my favorite artist!!! "Michael Hussar"
  8. no not missing anything LOL Oh SNAP!!! Thats what happens when you let XZIBIT pimp yo ride!!! Great pick up!!!
  9. That SUUUUUX!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  10. I recently renewed and I just sent a donation as well! Even though I don't post much, I have made some great friends here!!! Thank You Steve for letting us chill in your crib!!!
  11. There is a difference between Knight Munky bars and VDC MONKEY BARS. The Knight bars are knurled and hopefully, they will always be produced that way!!!
  12. Aint nothing but a "G" Thang!!! HAPPY B-DAY Brutha!!! :cheers: