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  1. Hey, really enjoyed your pics, glad to be here back in the mix of things, have a good one.

  2. Mountain Biking in the O.C. BMX style. L to R Mike Smith (the S in S&M). Donny Atherton, Tom Frerett, Denny Davidow, John Severin, Mike Hibner, Dave Marietti, Todd Blaser, Dave Lee Elliott. We meet on Sat mornings throught OC. Find us on Facebook for ride locations. San Juan trail next Sat.
  3. Had a nice 21 mile ride today with , from Left to Right Adm Cox , John Severin, Dave lee Elliott , Donny Atherton.
  4. Dam ant, And it only took me 2 years to do lol well actualy 3 hrs but whos counting right Nice in white homie. John
  5. Man this sounds fun, will buzz G ant and code mood, Willy you in ? Rick call me. John
  6. See you sometime Friday night, Rollin out with G-man & Johnny Code Blue......... Got Gas ?
  7. Special note, That bike was built in 1971 by My Friend Steve Gavin using a oxy torch when he was 15. The guy was a mad man builder and rider back in the day. The blue Schwinn is a survivor I got out of Steves shed destined for the dump the following day. It was saved by me and now survives with Larocs son Nick. The kid loves old school ! John
  8. Laroc :Special Salute: You missed a good one, As for next time, How about you join us on friday for the Roseville show in the Gulfstream C-mon. Big ups to nick, the kid was a trooper and gave us all a run for our money. Ant-man Sorry I had to use the plug, I seen that look in your eye and decided to play it safe G-man you still ride like your 16 Dang dude Sweet bikes on hand, Torker 24, Redline mini racer, Nomura 26, Basett 26, Quadangle 20, GHP 20, Ran into a few other old schoolers on their own ride to. Great time. John
  9. I built this for a Jake in Reno NV for his lil girl. She now rides it everywhere with him.
  10. That's sweet. I love the old Strokers.Here's a pic or two for ya.
  11. WooHooo Im jumpin with joy.....................
  12. These are most of my plates I ran with. I tried to keep all of them but.......... :34: