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  1. That is very cool of you and (possibly) him. This circle is really too small to burn anyone so to make good on it is a step in the right direction. Brett, I don't know if I could be as diciplined to wait this long for $600 or a frame. Damn.
  2. YEah, to buy or not to buy comes up alot. Just because it is there doesn't mean you need to jump on everything that comes up. Great dicipline grasshopper. You still have all that cash in your wallet. There was a time when I bought everything I came across. Not anymore. Save money that way.
  3. I'm sure they didn't 'KNOW' what they had obviously. Thats the sweetness of scoring at a swapmeet or thrift store. They are selling an item at a price they set....you buy it. End of story. Great find....perfect as is.
  4. You are right, I did the same "experiment" on a 24 a few years back. I wasn't going out and buying the stuff, but rather it all happen to come together between a couple friends.rather cheaply. I started with a nomorea 24, added carbon fiber cranks, fork, technique CF hubs laced with Ti spokes to rhino lite rims, 1.50 sirens, uni turbo seat/post, skyway pedals, aluminum bars, and a number of Ti replacement bolts, axles etc. Riding that thing at the track was sketchy to say the least! I don't know what it came in at wehght-wise, but it was silly lite. It felt as though it was going to 'twist' apart while pedaling. It was also a chore to keep the front tire on the ground. I sold the bike more or less as a novelty for exotic and lite, although I kept a few of the Ti bits
  5. I got my 84 Predator down to 17 lbs on a certified scale. I used it for race, tricks and getting from point a to point b. The parts that made the difference: Skyway pedals, tubular OPC, uni turbo seat/post, and Vector Haro replicas. Also at the time, I had comp 4's with ultra lite tubes, ambrosio rims laced to bullseye hubs. There was much more I could do to get it even liter.....
  6. 1ST gen. Haro Freestyler? If that is the case, you are going to have guys putting their arm around you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.....what ARE your plans for it? Build it I hope
  7. Round Colorado where I grew up, I saw mostly GT's, SE's, Torkers, and Redline's. I knew of Hutch from the magazines and saw a scant few at the tracks. (OPINION alert) IMO, Hutch was what kids thought they needed to be cool or be a better rider,jumper,freestyler and the brand didn't deliver to these poor souls. The merit behind such a statement stems from actually seeing firsthand guys that actually rode their bikes, did tricks, won races and they did so on brands other than hutch. There was one kid that would ride to the local trails on his Pro Racer to where everyone hung out and took turns jumping. He would pull up, stick his hands in his jacket pocket, and ride home after an hour or two. I bet is bike is STILL sitting in his parents basement with the 'hairs' still on the tires. It mirrors the whole car audio scene from the late 80's. Everyone thought that Rockford Fosgate was the poo, and your system sucked if it didn't have RF components. Meanwhile, the brand was just cleverly marketed for that era and newbs overlooked the good stuff to buy Rockford because they thought it was the best. I LOVED destroying high dollar Rockford systems with my budget Soundstream/Alpine system. I know hearty RF guys will rebuff that, but it was fun to have some clown spend thousands on his system only to be shut down by almost everything else. I'm VERY HAPPY Hutch has the following it does, I seem to be lucky when scoring them, and the flip is EZ and very profitable. Even the entry level forged hutch stems are seeing huge prices for what they really are. AT shows, I overlook (not on purpose) the prestine Hutch's with all the best parts and highly polished parts and chrome...they just don't do anything for me. I'd rather check out a barely used survivor Huffy Pro Lightning, GT, Schwinn etc. That isn't a knock or slam at Hutch guys, it is my way of thinking due to where I grew up and what I saw. If they were big in the NE, guys in that area will hold them near and dear as 'THE' brand and are really proud of it. Thats cool as it holds something special to them, and it isn't going to appeal to everybody (but a few re-entering the hobby will get the idea that Hutch is where its at due to what they are seeing in auctions) thus generating even more hype and price increases. Cool with me, although the brands I look for are climbing the cost ladder quite well
  8. A week ago, my pants fell down to about my knees. Less than 45 minutes ago, I spilled a perfectly good Shiner Bock. Coincedence? Maybe. All I know is that we need better material to spank it to...like a really good score to kick off the weekend. Ok fine. This thread is done. Sorry I added to it
  9. You do live over the pond though.....alot of crap can/does happen along the way....especially at customs.
  10. Above post= Im on nobody's side. Just sayin I have been on both sides of it and hated all of it
  11. He said/ he said.....so let someone eat their shit: copy and paste the info necessary to support your claims. Post it here. That will take you 5 minutes and this will all be cleared up. On one hand, that is the DANGER of dealing so close to the holidays. Sure you must have paid that minute, but funny things happen once people get the money in their hands as there is no pressure to be prompt in delivery. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of that, as well as guilty of lame excuses as to the delay (I won't devulge trade secrets of the really good ones!) I now ready packages before payment, so I can ship same day. Hey, it works out so much better. No pressure on me ("SH!T!! I forgot to ship that thing......") and buyer is happy with prompt service....no worries. So, to come on here and point fingers, accuse, name calling, etc....this can all be cleared up with info cut/paste from paypal...e-mails, etc. 5 minutes to freedom. Don't go thinking that it is lame for a guy to sign up here to try and make good on a deal. We have all done it at one time or another, sometimes you have to go to a guys house and call him out in front of his family. I paid with check (I know...)on a GT box cruiser....never heard from the guy again until a month later. I did some internet sherlock holmes and found the guys sister's MYSPACE acct and sent her a letter threatening to take legal action. All of the sudden, tracking # arrives and a lame excuse that he caught his wife with another guy and home life was sucking (thats not all that was sucking, know what Im sayin?) Yeah, excuses are a dime a frickin dozen, but in the end a deal was made and both parties need to hammer it out. I have been on both sides of this coin
  12. I am 100% my fork is powerlite. The guy I got the bike from had it since new (old riding buddy) and didn't change a thing on it. Besides, almost everything mongoose put out was stamped as such? I had a couple geese older than this that all had 'M' stamps. Museum huh?........
  13. I checked my P17, and those have a 'P'stamp at the dropouts. My P61 has an unstamped drop like yours. I got a few powerlites this past week, all from different sources so I don't know much about them yet