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  1. You must have been reading my mind. Truly bringing back some memories. These would be some nice additions to this already awesome ride Don.
  2. All I can say is "Damn Bro". Very nice.
  3. Awesome. You did good bro. Nothing to do but wipe down. Killer survivor!
  4. Yeah, those are the messes I can deal with!
  5. Nice Paulie. I have one I have been sitting on too. It's all original, but my forks are fried. I loved riding that bike. Can't wait to see finished pics!
  6. That's sweet Kerry. That color combo kicks ass. You definately made that mid-school rock. :bigemo_harabe_net-122:
  7. Wow. The stars have aligned. What's up Pat? Hope everything has been good for you. You guys are killing me with the skate jam thing! I can see Brian jammin' to "you dropped a bomb on me" at the rink right now. LOL!! yeah baby!!
  8. Awesome! Love the blue Judge. I have one hangin' that I have been dying to restore. Time and $$ keep gettin' in my way. Sweet Build! :bigemo_harabe_net-122:
  9. Those bars look sick Alvin! Very nice build!
  10. Wow Steve. Your working hard bro. Congrats!
  11. Welcome to the site. That's an awesome bike for a first start. Enjoy.
  12. HAHA!! I was wondering when someone was going to bring that up!