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  1. Yes she does make some good sandwiches! lol
  2. S.Bros, 2nd set of decals were not put on because I was the only Amigo who did not want to peel off the O.G. survivor head tube decal and then the 3 of us agreed that using the the other decals would not match the existing head tube decal that was ruff but very rare as nobody had seen one of those ever...May in fact be the most early SE logo and font. Your right Brian is indeed a stand up Dude for sending the 2nd set and his expertise and direction to Amigo #1 was indispensible! Now this thing about selling the bike was something I was out voted on. FACT: Amigo #2 has made "BIG BUCKS" selling his bmx "antiquities" to Juan in the past, So this was a "No Brainer" for them while I held to the position that we should keep it here in the States. As for me.. Well I'll gladly wear the Black Cowboy Hat here! EL FIN
  3. The bike is 100% O.G. Why use re-pops?
  4. Decals were paid for. 1st set never arrived and the second set were not installed and sold with the bike. Curt I'm on my way to your Momma's Casa! Mr Hayes, Thanks for the help posting the pics!
  5. I'm sad about it too Brian. But one of the Amigos felt it was too good of an offer to pass up.The second Amigo sided with the the Idea of taking the money and run. I wanted to keep it here but as the old saying goes... Money talks! I wish the bike could have stayed here. A lot of time and many brain cells used to put that bike together.A lot of time spent looking for the right parts and we didn't even get a chance to enter it in the BOTY or even take to Cali to compete with the big boys. Oh well... Just wanted to bring closure to the story.