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  1. should it be restored as a pacer or done as a era correct rider ? ( thanks jamie )
  2. Thanks for the info and wife just had them done last week.
  3. Can you please tell me what frame this is for...I'm guessing either 1984 Pacer 500 or a Viper...also does anyone know the parts list for a rebuild?? thanks for any help you can provide
  4. all black-------its a nice bike --------i just couldnt pass it up a chance to own a ripper.
  5. i just got a new 06 pk ripper that has never been ridden for $200. was that a good deal and how is the quality of se bikes these days ?
  6. can it be fixed? or are the tubes crushed to bad? try to fix it and rub their noses in it.
  7. also what was top tube length,wheelbase on both bikes? the smoke turbos frame looks like it is a lower profile than the older turbo. :32:
  8. the 1st one looks good , the 2nd one looks cheap. how much did these bikes cost new? :32:
  9. what brand of tint did you use-i had some that i used on my gmc syclone tail lights called night shades.----also how many coats did it take to get the right shade on your frame? thanks :32:
  10. Has anyone ever sold something off of ebay to someone in Germany? I want to send it as a "gift" but not sure exactly how I "declare" this. HELP!!!!!
  11. yes it is a clean looking ride.i hope mine is that sharp when i get done with it.
  12. it is the the same one but the description has been revised.it says [this left the factory as a grey frameset and that it was never the smoke black color] i thought all turbos was the smoke black through 84.
  13. whats up with this color.ad said that it came from the factory that grey color. did the turbo come in this rare color -year looks like a 84 .
  14. Does anyone have a copy of any magazines from 84 or so with a test of the 84 turbo in it or have it where they could send me a copy of it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. :25:
  15. RICH....do you by any chance remember where you got the stickers at? And if so do you know if they have some still available. And if your interested in selling the seat drop me a line. Thanks. :32:
  16. Ramon....where is a good place to find the seat, seat post, and the clamp? Already know where I can get the Comp III tires at. And I know that the grips pop up on Ebay every once in awhile. Also where is a good place to find the peddles other then Ebay? Also were can I find the Harry Leary turbo stickers?
  17. Bought it in Hendersonville Tennessee about 20 years ago from some guy. Bought it just as it sits right now with the only exception being the black paint being removed due to the scratches and flaking it already had on it.
  18. The parts list are as follows: The frame the chrome was black and you can still see the black in the welds. The Serial Number is 4F0018 with the baseball symbol after it. The fork is chrome but was black and you can still see the black in the welds. The handlebars are diamonback chromoly. They were smoke colored black and you can still see the black in the welds. The rims are Araya 20 x 1.75 chrome with black nipples and chrome spokes. The hubs are Suzue sealed tech chrome. The stem is Diamondback turbo chrome. THe cranks are diamondback turbo 181MM still black smoke color. THe brakes are diacompe chrome with weinmann semi automatic adjuster. THe brake lever is black with a white cable. The seat post clamp is an unknown brand and is black. The seat post is an unknown brand and is white. THe seat is cycle pro shot gun 2 black. THe grips are an unknown brand and are black. The chain is D.I.D.. The tires are Kenda comp III copys blackwall 20 x 2.125 THe peddles the cages says Sakae Japan and they are black. The frame has MPT-110 stamped in it. And the dust cap on the end has SR on it. Now if anyone knows what the correct parts are to get this back to stock form I'd love to have it. Also if anyone knows of the BEST way to get this back to the black smoke color and have it look good I'd like that also. The reason we took the black paint off originally is when I bought it 20 years ago it was severely scratched and flaking off. But you can still see the black in the seams of the welds. :32:
  19. I need help trying to identify if this is a true diamondback turbo bmx. I also would like to know what year you think it is. And also if anybody has a parts list of the exact original parts so we can restore it. THe bike was bought black and was scratched so we removed the paint.My Webpage another view: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c111/SYC.../Picture054.jpg This is the serial number that I got off of the bike...4F0018 followed by a little baseball looking symbol.