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  1. Very cool. Overspray on the crank arm from a pedal touch up? At least you can remember selling your Hutch Pro Racer. Then again, might be better that I can't remember which means I can't remember the sale price either.
  2. Late to the party and great to read this update Steve. I've spent a decent amount of time in various parts of Southern California and never thought it was your type of place. Only spent a few days in Portland, Oregon and that state seems more your style. I hope to spend more time exploring the Pacific Northwest one day. Weather is the limiting factor so it's a small window of opportunity each year. Doing something you enjoy is the bonus. Good luck!
  3. I bought a car in Hawaii earlier this year and had it shipping to Long beach and currently driving to South Florida (with a few detours) and in Tennessee at the moment. Sort of filling in a few days so I usually start the day by deciding where to drive and was looking at Lawrenceburg this morning. Didn't realise that's where Murray moved to mid last century so I had to swing by for a quick photo. If I had my BMX with me I would have chucked a mono past the sign!
  4. Have a new car project to fund and now these are over in the US, after being in storage for more than seven years, it's time to sell. Links below the photos go to my site where you can see more photos and a contact form. There's a bunch of other stuff also on the site and just picking out some items that are relevant for this site. 1984 GT Pro Performer Original chrome and comes with NOS decals, although the round ones may be reproduction. Price $450 Link - http://onlybmx.com/gt-bmx-pro-performer-bmx-frame-set-chrome/ 1985 GT Pro Performer NOS with some shop wear. Price $850 Link - http://onlybmx.com/gt-pro-performer-nos-1985/ Hutch Trick Star Original chrome and in great condition. Guessing decals are original as well. Price $750 Link - http://onlybmx.com/hutch-trick-star-bmx-frame-set-chrome/ Skyway Street Beat One of the 'factory find' frames with 11-85 serial. Price $400 Link - http://onlybmx.com/skyway-street-beat-bmx-frameforks-nos/
  5. Anyone else think the chain stay angle looks a tad weird though? I get why, it just seems out of place for a BMX style bike to have dropouts much higher than the bottom bracket. To me that was always one of the things that differentiated a BMX from a dragster/stingray type frame because they raised the bottom bracket above the dropout and so the angle went the other way. Even a Kos was about horizontal so it didn't stand out like that STR 29er. Steve, does the 7th photo in this post give you a better view? SE Bikes at Spring Fling
  6. Always sad to read these things. Bought a Redline Brute stem from him a couple of weeks after I started collecting and it sits on my Hutch Pro Racer. From my limited dealings he seemed like a good guy and pleased to hear others thought highly of him as well.
  7. Nice. It's a great bike to ride. My frame and forks were in great condition too. Looks like similar choices with a few GT parts.
  8. I lost track of what I saw in Pascoe Vale and the newer location years ago... In fact I can't even remember everything I have because it's been nearly 2.5 years since I've seen my things.
  9. Thanks Tom. Rick told me burnt orange, however, I think I remember reading sunset orange when I was having a look around for more information about them.
  10. Thanks for the link Steve (and Scott). Does make you appreciate the things you have and take for granted. Then again, they get to ride every day. Whilst I'm sure both of them put on a brave face for the cameras and they go through some shitty times, their attitudes should be admired for making the best of less than ideal circumstances.
  11. Good spotting. Yes on both the head tube and bottom bracket tube.
  12. When I lived in Melbourne I was reasonably close to Waza so I was able to enjoy a personal BMX show each time I went there and learned a lot about BMXs and Mongooses in particular. Now I'm based in South Florida and live close to the other partner in VintageMongoose.com, namely Rick. This is where I get my BMX fix from these days and yesterday I spent some time there taking pictures as he is preparing to thin the herd by selling some. This is an early 1975 Mongoose with Matthews Girder forks, Femco wheels and a few Schwinn bits here and there. His collection is not only Mongooses or BMXs and includes (for the time being) a couple of all original 1975 Schwinn Scramblers. One regular and one mini. These have indications of use with a few marks here and there, however, the condition of the paint etc is amazing. The boys that had these must have been a bit anal about cleaning from a very early age or very strict parents!
  13. Nice work Lee/Benny. Why did you go with the Hollywood back then Lee? No pink bikes for me as a teenager although I did build up a blue/white/pink Street Beat a few years back so I don't have young and stupid as an excuse.