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  1. HI EVERYONE! My prospective buyer for Wheels N Things BMX items failed to come through. I have now moved everything to my home and hopefully will be selling soon. I keep an eye on the Want list and Trackside to find out what you are looking for. Unfortunately in San Diego I haven't found a pro to help identify older items and give me values. First off, I would like to know if anyone out there is associated with a BMX museum, I would like to part with Wheels N Things trophies (can send pictures). Please contact me. WILL KEEP IN CONTACT. BYE FOR NOW, Karen Finkelman-Einolander (Sandy's Sister)
  2. HI Everyone & Jeff: I am back from a wonderful and much needed vacation in England and Switzerland after putting off the trip for the last 12 years. This is the first chance I have taken to check the website, since returning. I have been cleaning my house of ash and dust from the fires near my home in Rancho Bernardo. Mostly the expensive neighborhoods had fires, mine didn't qualify but they were just a mile from my home and we had to evacuate for 3 days. I spent Thanksgiving with my cousin and her family living in England this year. She hasn't celebrated Thanksgiving with another American in the 17 years she has lived there. Thanksgiving was good for me as well this year as those who knew our older brother Gary passed away Nov. 27, 1988 and Sandy passed away Nov. 22, 2005. Thanksgiving was very special to my family. Now I have a new memory to help lift my spirits. I thank you all for keeping my family in your thoughts, as I continue to go through Sandy's collections of magazines and news articles, I also am learning of his generous contributions to the sport and to helping young people realize their worth. I have found some VHF tapes of races and am planning to have them transferred to DVD so that you may relive some old races. Sorry all is taking so long, there is so much to deal with. Had a great time meeting all of you at the Belmont gathering, you're great guys and I hope you will continue to enjoy the items of Sandy's you purchased. Unfortunabely the one picture of me was HORRIBLE, maybe I will get a second chance in the future! I truly appreciate all kindness and concern shown for the Finkelmans on this website. Wishing each and everyone of you a very special holiday season. Karen Finkelman-Einolander
  3. Thank you everyone for the friendly welcome. Krisa and I had a great time and Sandy was happy to pay for the food. "GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIME".
  4. Johnny- What a wonderful tribute you put together on this anniversary of Sandy's passing. The pictures and timeline were bittersweet. Thank you. Your and your brother were racers Sandy was very proud of and loved when you returned with your dad just to say hello over the years. Sandy would be proud that so many will remember him for his innovative contributions to the bicycle industry and tireless work in making all his race teams #1. Sandy had a wonderfully successful shop and was known by many through his dedication to his almost 4 generations of customers and his contributions to his community educating children on bicycle safety. I hope Sandy's legacy through Wheels N Things will continue as it has over the generations. To all on this website, may memories of Sandy warm your hearts and bring smiles to your faces. I learn so much about Sandy through your comments and stories. Sandy's sister, Karen
  5. Thank you for keeping Sandy in your hearts this month on the anniversary of his passing. A picture of Sandy is on display in our family's childhood home while I have been holding estate sales. Many people noticed his picture and commented that their son raced for Sandy or their child wouldn't shop at any other store. Parents made Wheels N Things the only bike shop for their famillies for 4 generations. Sandy dedicated 30 years of his life in the bicycling industry working with his racers, his customers, his community and helping fledgling inventors design and market their bicycle accessories. I am proud so many of you remember his tireless work and contributions to the biking industry and bmx racing. I hope memories of Sandy will continue to warm your heart and bring smiles to your face. This has been a most difficult year and I enjoy reading your comments. Thank you all, Sandy's sister Karen
  6. Stu: I have been hesitant to actively participate in the website, however, after reading about you recently, I am moved to take my first step. Sandy greatly admired you and mentioned your name oh so many times. He would be overjoyed you are doing well after surgery and wish you a healthful future.