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  1. As You know,I like Me a Quadangle...... Very Nice Machine.. Steve!
  2. in 2008 Scot's dream came true... BMX in the Olympic Games pic did not post.

  4. Voted ;BMX Society.com's,,, NEW SCHOOL BMX (2001 to present) BIKE OF THE YEAR 2014 http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/59022-new-school-bmx-2001-to-present/?p=539484 Frame: Intense Podium XLT Olympic Edition Fork: Sinz Elite Pro Carbon Fiber with 20?millimeter through?axle Headset: Sinz Elite Integrated Bottom Bracket: Sinz Elite Stem:Sinz Bars: Sinz Grips: Sinz Elite Brakes: Sinz Elite Cranks: Sinz Elite XXX Gold Commemorative Sprocket: Rennen Pedals: Shimano Wheels: Sinz Elite Hubs: Sinz Elite iHub 20mm Tires: ITS Hustler Seatpost: SDG I Beam Seat: SDG Olympic I-Beam Custommods: Custom Olympic?painted Starsand Stripes(with #1460 painted on Top Tube) Intense Podium XLT frame with retro Intense headbadge
  5. 2015 retro FSQA spec'ed with STANDING GEAR stickers,, http://www.sebikes.com/bikes/cat/retro-series/quadangle-freestyle-24 pic of my Trick Master's fork
  6. Nice..a short rear version too.. (1" shorter that standard)
  7. non USA, Landing Gears.. most likely from a SE "Trick Master" complete
  8. these Bashers have the same geometry as a looptail Quadangle
  9. Eddie & Martin at the Tuesday night Huntington Beach sessions