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  1. quite'r than a electric car. (belt drive)


    I think the bigger one is around 400 lbs (check the web site)





    I rode the S (street) and the DSdual sport,

    6.0 kWh and 9.0 kWh,,

    they were all very smooth all the way up to 80 + mph they handled well,, brakes were good too.


    these have A/C 3 -phase brushless controller with re-generative deceleration.


    two modes; Sport and Eco.. sport (sporty, less battary life) eco (little less power and more regen.)


    these are the first 2012's to be used in a real life, very cool to get the "Golden Ticket" to shake these down.


    next time I get to try the Dirt Zero's... can't wait.

    2012-01-08 11.31.08.jpg

    2012-01-08 10.36.39.jpg

    2012-01-08 10.37.09.jpg

    2012-01-08 11.01.54.jpg