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  1. B) See you there.................I just talked to MR.Mike Devitt he will be there too. shadessean
  2. http://www.schwinnstingray.com/fun-tvspots.html B) shadessean
  3. <!--emo&B)--><!--endemo--> My SE 26" ers; 2003 Aluminum Quad #1 of 10 1979~80 O.M Flyer 1995 Enduro ser#ooo1 1994 Shocker II #6 of 8 made shadessean
  4. check out the pin striping on the fork cap, this is a not stamped one. and take a close look at the spokes...............
  5. 1995 SE Enduro ser# om0001 It was Mike Devitt's Personal Frame, but I got it and built it .... It has a Nexus 7 speed hub & and a lot of nice parts. <!--emo&B)--><!--endemo-->
  6. Lance and his girlfriend Sheryl Crow. B)
  7. what parts are still needed? my parts are slim pickens. I have a pair of black SE bars (need repainted) B) shadessean