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  1. S.E. had problems getting complete tube sets from Reynololds, messing up production..around mid 1986 they stopped 531. FYI,, also there are Mutt frames that are mixed 531/4130
  2. Thanks to Todd Lyons and SE Bikes and the other donors ,,, for the Eddy King Benefit Raffle.. I won a BIKE...and its a SE BIKE ...! Lil Ripper Noel has some growing to do...
  3. So Nice.. I still have Beckerings 97/99 Race bike chillin http://www.bmxsociety.com/bmx/bikes/112-se-racing/
  4. Can someone do a live stream from the event, for the folks that can make it.
  5. Here you go.. EF 135 in action UFO in the sky..
  6. Martin just got it...I'm sure there will be some pic's soon Steve He has being riding a... Quamen for the last year or so.
  7. 2007-8, 24" Chrome Quadangle Proto (no. Ser#) sorry won't upload picture
  8. The Chairman (Martin Aparijo) trying out MonSter Quad 29" #2
  9. Alliant BMX History on Facebook
  10. http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/24173-se-racing-quadangle/
  11. I was talking to.. Eric, at Garage Graphics, in Huntington Beach. He was telling Me, We can use his parking lot..for a monthly swap. In the past we have done a few G. G. BMX swap meets.. at this location before, before that, at His old location on Beach Blvd in Stanton. the parking lot is not big enough to park your vehicle in during the swap..need park on side street.. We can leave a spot in the drive way for "loading zone" 5482 Business Dr. Suite C, Huntington Beach http://www.garagegraphics1.com/
  12. EF Proformer #35 Martin.. being Martin Eddie text riding