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  1. this one is on my office wall drawn by Jeff Utterback in the mid/late 70's
  2. I PM'd Ya on the BASHER explosion decals..
  3. Good pic's Ha, Martin and Eddie are both wearing one of my "Shades Knight Caps"
  4. Sorry..I could only use Photobucket links.. 1997 SE Quad 2/4 (24") prototype; Only two were built, & the other one was cut in half. chrome stamped L.G.'s , 24" Graphite Tuffs, Jad cranks, Knight stem, Radix bars,SDG I-Beam seat & post, Paul brakes, FSA head set,, SE racing Comp III tires,. pin striping by; Bob Iverson (RIP).
  5. Martin Aparijo Interview! Old School Sunday Special! http://www.flatmattersonline.com/martin-aparijo-interview-old-school-sunday-special
  6. I think those are the forks the were sitting at a shop off the 91 and Paramount Blvd.. behind the counter for a few years .. he would not sell just say ( make an offer, make an offer..)... when I saw them they had no sharpie on them.
  7. Me and a Buddy kicked down gave Martin a bike for His 50th all OG 1987 GT PFT (tires are new)
  8. just a little photo fun...not a real coin his B-Day is,April 1st..
  9. Charley Gnarly (cross between The Bud Man & Yosemite Sam) ..I think He was done by D.C.Roberts http://dcroberts.com/home/MZhomePg09.htm
  10. What kind of bar's are those? 1974 Yamaha JT-60