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  1. [#BMXDB-06] You do not have permission to use this feature

  2. 1, BMX bike. 2, beach cruisers. 1, mountain bike. 1, scooter and a flatland rider
  3. add this type info to the forum Articles & Advertisements ~ Magazine Scans & PDF's see this forum for more cool stuff.
  4. Old School Radness..... Martin Aparijo, Eddie Fiola and Regis Gaudrot
  5. So cool ... You need to bring it to this years BIG show June 2nd.. Mike will be there.. that was the 1st bmx bike to have aluminum wheels (the hoops were from a horse sulky) .. and someone ?? borrowed Bobby's bike at one the Yamaha gold cup qualifiers and won their class.. then Bobby crashed it into a tree by their house.. you will have to ask Mike..
  6. see you all there if its cool... and has wheels, bring it....
  7. thats what I was thinking... i can't find history,, pic ,, any info. any of you clowns got info (~;
  8. yeah.. just pulled it out of storage.. still don't know what it is .
  9. says "S H A" on the head tube the seat tube takes wedge type 7/8" seat post, and a 7/8' quill stem up front adjustable headtube angle. removable front end. hollow keyed axel. (front drive?) zero offset fork and hub.
  10. always Good Hanging out at the Source and B.S.ing with Fiola and Aparijo ..the coolest cats ! I just happened the have my RAD Vans on. (they got some ink)
  11. Sweet Bike ! Profile 24 I'm getting worse, but still have fun ! when you do a good smooth wheelie.... it like fly'n now I don't wheelie anything that weighs more than me (no more wheelie'n down the freeway in and out of cars using turn signals.. on a street legal dirt bike) My record was around 7 miles... but that was a long time ago... I'm so old ..I still use a coaster brake.
  12. Thanks, just goofing off on a after work beach ride, on my old O.M. Flyer that i've had for over 30 years (i'm old). stoppie into a front bike flip post up more vid's ... differnt places and cam angles.. good stuff.
  13. These new HD cams take some great Vid's with Electronic stability control(sound not so good) I use a Contour HD. I don't know how to get My Vimeo vid's in a post there was a bunch of riders on the 4130.. Huntington ,Newport, Balboa..ride we should have a Video posting area with .. how to. for dummies.
  14. I Dig It here's a, west coast... on-board video ... 4-14-12's 4130 ride
  15. my tub of SE stickers at my storage
  16. Good Job Wow.. thats a lot a words... I'm going to wait for the movie.
  17. dam... now I got that T.V. show song stuck in my head.