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  1. We have a huge announcement coming involving the 45th anniversary for REDLINE you wont want to miss coming soon! Thanks TrulyOdd! Also shirts are in the works if anyone is going to need a resupply. HAYS is legit We have a instagram page finally. Get the word out! m.o.t.o.s._bmx
  2. Wanted to add some pics for the thread. love this bike.
  3. http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/59165-my-newest-suvivor/?hl=dewabo&do=findComment&comment=540770 Those are mine Mr.Odd...had a thread on the panda but it was pre pic download. Ill add some permanent pics to it later tonight
  4. NEW shirts in honor of the OM! Show up unless your scared....Ill pick ya up at the airport myself damn it.
  5. It would be cool to make it like it was in the old pics Brett. I going to try and reproduce the plate for sure but will probably let it live like it is. Thanks guys!
  6. Well I get to meet a lot of people every year at the Grands MOTOS bike show here in Tulsa. Some I have become great friends with but only get to see them once a year. I always look forward to seeing them. One of them is a friend named Keith. He is a bit older than me and has been racing since the day. He of course loves our "70s room" and he loves to tell me stories and his history in the sport. Well this year he informs me he has gotten back the first bike he was ever sponsored by a local bike shop. He cant remember what brand it is and hasn't seen one since. He picked out all the parts and it was built just for him. He sold it 20 yrs ago and was lucky to get it back. It was with a friend. It had been ridden by many of the kids and grandkids over the years.it was now in his basement. I told him to bring it up next year for the show. Now that can be tough. We really appreciate when people bring bikes with them to show when we know they have enough crap to drag from all over the country. As we are talking he suddenly stops and says there it is! He is pointing at my 76 GBOY. I say well that's a pretty good one. I of course ask if he wants to sell. He laughs and says he might. So I explained to him a little history on the Brand. I told him there was lots of info on the bike online. I told him to go check it out and if he ever decided to sell to get ahold of me or at least bring it to the show. Well late in December he calls and was quite surprised by what he found out about Gboys through great threads like Christians here on the Society. He told me he had decided to sell mainly because he knew if he sold it to me he could always see it at the Grands. He sent pics and came to a fair agreement and the deal was done. Its now in my collection and will be a favorite just because I know the kid who raced it and its history. Here are some pics. the first two are from the day it came home from the shop. Not to many photos of them in the wild like this. The next few are how it sits today. Its a good survivor who gas had some parts changes over the years. some good.. some bad..
  7. Coming out of retirement this year. got several in the Q.
  8. Here are a few pics I took with my phone. Maybe some others got some also.