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  1. Yes, the MOTOS crew will be there. informal Friday, SHOW Sat. , judging about 3:00
  2. several years ago this was a Craigslist ad. While I don't know if this was "REAL " it was intriguing. I thought it would appear on one of the sites as a MEGA SCORE ....... If it was real someone got a GRAIL !!!
  3. Got around to putting the decals on, Finished !!!
  4. here's a couple things you hear about but don't see often !!!
  5. found some of my brother's os parts, these were in the bunch !
  6. so, this is NOT my normal build style, it's more a spare parts build. I'm usually picky about trying to keep as era correct as possible. I'm not sure if this frame is late 79 or up to early 81 so these parts basically fit that time frame. Also I would not normally put BLUE parts on one of my Red Line builds. Blame it on the fork/handlebar combo, sort of a Blue on Black theme.....
  7. B E A U T I F U L !!! 70s hit machine ROCKIN right there. interesting color on the rims. back in the early 80s I worked in an anodize shop. reanodized a L O T of bmx parts. did all the parts from a guys bike a color like that.
  8. you guys know I like survivor/original style bikes. I even like them a bit crusty.... so today I assembled this from misc. parts. the condition of the frame is way too far gone for a full blown resto ! the headtube decal is what it's about for me. A&A
  9. Beautiful !!! what a time machine flashback that is !!!
  10. Jeff, that came out REALLY nice !!! Great story !!!
  11. 1976, was nickel plated but was in VERY BAD condition !!
  12. Finally, update on my 1977 Red Line Proline. been working on this one a while... finished it just in time for the MOTOS 2019 USABMX Grands show.