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  1. Wow! A Pat/STR-1 sighting. How ya been man? Always loved your GT Don. Looks great with the changes too.
  2. My favorite line: "He Said any Changes in Geometry Would be Minor and Covered Up by the Chroming Process."
  3. It's some sort of "return" spring for a motorcycle. Looks very similar, but smaller, to the kickstart arm spring on my '48 Harley. Here's a pic of mine I found and cropped. Look just above where the two exhaust tubes join near the kicker arm.
  4. Thanks Guys. I'm glad you like it. I like it better than I thought I would when I decided to slap it together. I was reorganizing my parts stash one day and realized I had what could be a pretty decent build sitting there in boxes... I usually have everything planned out WAY ahead of time, so this was kinda a new thing for me. Not sure if you're talking about my Sting or John's frames, Lee. My red Sting is in good shape, but it does have a few honest racing battle scars. The Schwinn paint is very distinctive. Both the Cardinal Red and the Sky Blue they used were similar to a candy apple type of metallic paint process but looked different than anything else. Lots of Schwinn collectors have tried to duplicate it, but I don't think anyone has really come close to the original Schwinn metallic finishes. It also seems to hide scrapes and chips too! lol Here's the closest-up pic I have for now. I'll get some better ones when I take the final pics. You can see some of the scars and beauty marks in this photo though
  5. Here's a preview of a bike I put together recently. A 1981 Schwinn Sting in original Cardinal Red metallic put together (for now) with "orphan" parts that I hadn't used on other builds over the years but were still nice. Some stuff isn't year correct for the frame (XC-II pedals, sealed 1984'ish Graphites, Oakley I's, tires, etc.) I finally realized one day that it's way more fun to build it and ride it rather than have the parts in boxes waiting for "the perfect build" to use them on. Everything is OG finish and the only repro items are two numberplate stickers; the Rockville BMX sticker and even though the Oakley sticker was sold to me as real, I have my doubts.... It's actually alot of fun to ride. It's not the lightest bike in the world, but it's sure stiff and solid even with my 180lb old man body riding it. I'm 6'0" and even though the ESP XL reach stem helps, it still feels a bit short at first. I'll start a new post soon and include more pics and a parts list.
  6. Wow! Somehow I missed this thread the first time around... When I picture a dialed-in early JMC race bike in my mind, that's the way it's put together. You've really been killin' it lately William!
  7. Thanks for posting that. I knew they were around in at least '79, since I had they on my YZ-80. Still to this day my favorite grip ever! I have them on my RRS which I ride daily and I'd have 'em on my Harley if I could find some MX versions. Lizards dig them too... :-)
  8. That's a "Sting Competion"/SX2000 model you have there Bad Company, and like Sodbuster said about King Stings above, it doesn't follow the "The Sting" Paramount Room made format. Sting Competition's, SX2000's, King Stings and Mini Stings were all made on the standard Schwiinn production line. Only the top of the line "The Sting" model used the serial # scheme I described. On Paramount built Stings the Serial is on the rear dropout and on all the others it's stamped on the front of the headtube. The quality of the Paramount Stings was much higher than the others and they were also a lot more expensive. The Schwiinn Paramount line of road bikes back then was considered the best you could buy. They were completely hand made in a special area of the factory by the best guys Schwinn had. Marc Meuller was the guy who ran the Paramount Division and was the guy who designed The Sting. Here's a Paramount Track frame of the same era as the Stings were made. I would LOVE to have one of these someday! Big $$ though...
  9. Stings don't follow the same serial # format that most Schwinns do. They were made in the "Paramount Room" and not on the regular production line. The first character is the month ( A=January skipping the letters "I" and "O") Your "H" is August Second character is the year (9=1979, 0=1980, 1=1981) Yours is 1980 Third character is always a "T" with Stings. It stands for the "Trioval" tubing Stings featured. The remaining numbers are the production sequence. Yours is "0160" or the 160th Sting built in August 1980.
  10. Thanks Owl. Sorry to say, you won't be getting mine unless I die before you do...:-) Thanks William. You've built several of my faves over the years and your recent hot streak is fun to watch. Do you still have the FMF you did a few years ago? I LOVE that bike...
  11. Really nice to see you building bikes again William. You've certainly built some doozies recently!
  12. One of the old RRS ads called the 24" the "Un-Cruiser" and that tagline comes to mind when I'm out riding mine all over the place like a new school MTB... There is some kind of Mojo or something with this bike that makes me want to ride it all the time. All the parts work as a whole and the bike is just perfect for me as a rider. I'm really picky about the mechanical details and this bike is dead-nuts dialed in and smooth as silk. It just has "it" for me. I put some real Reedy pedals with fake Helix cages on it for riding and replaced the DiaCompe seatclamp with a Powerlite PL1; otherwise, it's been unchanged since I built it a couple years ago. I've been trying to teach myself to take "Photographs" rather than "pitchers" so I carry my camera stuff whenever I'm out riding the RRS around all the little Sea Islands we have here in coastal South Carolina. I still have no idea what I'm doing photography-wise, but I sure as hell love my RRS! Photography tips and critiques are certainly welcome!
  13. Wow! You certainly knocked it out of the park for your first OS build!
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone. Stay safe and have a great 2010!
  15. 34 years ago 1975 Matthews TR-1 Someday I will own another.... (I hope)