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  1. Survivors are cool... collecting BMX is really about nostalgia for me and there's nothing more sentimental than seeing an untouched bike that looks timewarped from the 80's. Here's a trio of Mongoose survivors..
  2. Anyone have some pics of it? The eBay links are broken... I've never seen the thing... it must be killer...
  3. Stu, check the v-bmx website, I posted a few more close ups of my blue Senior Pro (it's the same bike pictured above). I think the most common example of black/silver models from that time are Silver Streaks (which are basically medium pro frames). A black/silver senior pro would be pretty similar to the bikes that the DB team used to ride. Have fun with your build!
  4. I'm just an Average Joe with an average Joe hit list: Floval Flyer Mongoose 2/4 PL-24
  5. That is a bad a-- ride... SE bikes always look good in black and gold... supercool mix of components... and super clean build up too... :32: Hey, where'd you get the white Bullseye crank stickers? I've been looking for those... :whistle:
  6. Haha Andy, I must say that's a new one for me... The big 2 page Kuwahara ads from 1981 say that the KZ-1 and KZ-2 are the same F/F and that the two bikes differ only in the component packages. The "typical" package differences would be (and I'm just quoting this from the ad).. "... if you're big, tough, and like the feel of steel, you'll love the Kuwahara KZ-2. The same great frame, fork, and components as the KZ-1, except the SunTour VX crankset is replaced with a one-piece Cro Moly crank with steel pedals and the Red Line approed V bar is held by a Cro-moly Kusuki stem..." But I'm sure different years had different components packages and it could be that distributors were given F/F kits that were built up differently as well. There was an Everything Bicycles ad that had a Kuwahara with Maxy-Cross cranks instead of SunTour, etc...
  7. That's a great survivor score, especially since it looks like it has stock components. Are those DB logo Maxy Cross cranks? I'm guessing that it's most likely not a kit f/f set but a complete Senior Pro straight from the bike shop b.c. of all the stock components it. Hey Ramon, how's it been going? I feel like I'm totally out of the scene these days... are you going to Elysian this year (IS there an Elysian this year? I don't even know, haha)... one of these days we should have a "twin Turbo" line up. -andy Q :32:
  8. Awesome pick-up. Next to the Turbo, that's my favorite DB series (the chrome ones with blue prism decals without the long snake). Depending on your TT length, that's probably a Medium Pro or maybe Senior Pro from around '82. I would guess medium pro based on the relatively slack seat tube angle. :32:
  9. Keep the stickers on it Kos! Those don't too bad and there's nothing like originals! Sweet bike either way.
  10. Exactly! And now let's all group hug, guy love style... LOL... Actually, maybe the dude who dropped mega $$$ for the Nomura can buy that BMX track that's listed on eBay right now... hmmmm...
  11. 2112: that's an awesome looking PL-24... did they ever make them stock with that paint job (i.e. the "RL-20II" style)... or is that a custom job by you? either way, looks sweet.. And I totally agree that the coaster is the way to leave that PL-24 with the 24" Skyways...
  12. What an awesome find... it has really clean lines without any brake cables/calipers/levers.. pretty unusual to have a 24" coaster brake.
  13. Just joking around... I think that Nomura is a great bike regardless of what anybody thinks about the $4200 price tag... a sweet bike is a sweet bike... that's the way I see it...
  14. Whoa.. your Howdy Doody avatar is kinda scary Sod... a little "Chucky"-esque... lol...