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  1. Another classic from the Matt Dillion movie Drug Store Cowboy from the late 80's. The time line for this movie takes place in Portland, Oregon in 1971. Oddly, a bike like this wouldn't have been around in 1971. It would have been the Sting -Ray era for BMX.
  2. MCS origianlly made Moto stuff as well. In the late 70's I remember a Husquavarna branded bike at their dealership as a kid. It always reminded me of a Laguna up front. It had the Husky "H" on the head tube.
  3. PURE GOLD on that one! I remember watching it as a kid and it was awesome to see it again. Eric Rupe was one of the stunt riders and says he has OG copies of it. He said he was about 12 when he did this and made like $500 for doing. He said he was ready to take the $$$ and retire because he thought he had so much $$. hahaha.. Good stuff for sure.
  4. Sweet '62 frame too Rick!! Here's my '59 Typhoon frame I built up with a blend of new and old. It's ride like a a bat outta hell!
  5. Don't forget Webco, Chamnpion, Suzuki and Yamaha in that cross over mix. Sadly Honda only gave us the Kick'n Go scooters. hahahah.. Which still bums me out to this day as I'm such a HUGE honda guy.
  6. Thought I'd post this cool pic of The Jammer. Jammin' Jimmy Weinert with a few BMX relics laying around on his desk back in the day! He does have s mall place in BMX history with his frame. bikes and the ever so famous Weinert Mountain track!
  7. Super cool history and documentation. Props for posting it up. When I stared working at THE BIKE SHOP in Aiea, Hawaii in 1989, we had 4 JU mini's. I built them up and sold them to some local racers. Sooo I'm thinking there at least 4 of them out there in Hawaii floating around. Good thing about hawaii is they won't go far from home. haha..
  8. Cully always ran his bars so far forward.