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  1. built this copy of the stingrays sandy finklemen built back in 73-74 bought the handle bars off him
  2. team Schwinn Schwinn approved 16 tooth freewheel
  3. dick fitzwell 57 outside philly all my life
  4. who is this riding the Suzuki an are there any good pics of the bike
  5. 1976 Peugeot looptail frame tange tx500b fork -dated 76 Matthews bars hunt wilde grips ceebee stem messenger quilted seat huffy stem clamp used as a seat clamp Schwinn diamond cranks an chain wheel union rat trap pedals araya 20x 2.125 steel rims 105 ga. spokes shimano mx hubs cheng shin 183 tires
  6. great build really looks nice those stickers came with the bike when i sold it i got them off of motomag1
  7. what i found was johar mfg. inc gardena ca. 90248 started in 1974
  8. looks like a cycle-pro they came with the bolts
  9. anybody have the chrome three arrow ones i need them