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  1. If I find them I will post here I'm a collector not a pack rat . .. so I say
  2. Yep, that's what they'll do it does help remove variables for trouble shooting
  3. I still have the negatives of these shots ... and this one was run in RIDE a few months back when they did a story on S&M ... still no photo credit, damn.
  4. Did they get WIlkerson doing the 540 about 4 feet out with Blyther airing about 12 feet out over him?
  5. One of the fun things that happened was Blyther and Wilkerson riding doubles ... did Fuel show any of that?
  6. The riding shots are Wilkerson and Moller Blyther blasting
  7. Me, Mo and D Hubbard Me, Tony Murray,D Hubbard and Jeff Carroll
  8. Is that George Smoot in the background just below the rear wheel
  9. That is f-in cool!!! I like wierd/odd and that is near the top