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  1. You'll be fine. Just don't try and win or crash. Get used to the track and how the bike handles. ie: Balance point, does it push or dive on the corners, gates. 20" will put you on your butt faster than a blink of an eye. Esp coming off a 29". Have fun and make it thru the race day so you can actually drive your daughter home. And most of all clip in...... old-skull
  2. Steve, Try as you will but you have been bitten by the S&M bug. It never goes away. Awesome bike and I bet you that thing could still do some hot laps around a track! Old-skull
  3. That MX shirt is the bomb. Have you thought about running a cable over the shoulder to the lever on the back? No matter what I can see me buying a couple for my bud's. Old-skull
  4. Either way fitted or flex I am down. 7 3/8 Old-skull
  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old-skull
  6. Yeah buddy! Lets keep them in the North East. Old-skull
  7. Another one. Nice bike. Old-skull
  8. You are the man!!! Old-skull PS: Give the low down of the Jag
  9. Hate that "had these parts laying around" and they are all kick ass parts. 100% racer right there. Nice bike mang! Old-skull ps: the parts I have laying around should be taken to the dump. seriously!
  10. "What is the best bike that you have ever seen"? All of them! I love BMX so for me looking at any bike is king for me. BUT Flanel's 26" VDC sure does look nice. Then Sod or Reilley or Rick T. will bust out some of there bikes and a little drool will seep out of the corner of my mouth onto the keyboard. It is a never ending cycle I tell you. Old-skull