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  1. D. Wolf midschool bike off the year at the 19 society show. Rare and clean, just got lost in the 1 1/8 head tube transition
  2. Maybe plan a group ride to ring in 2020
  3. nice! thanks guys. what ya holdin
  4. Thanks! It’s not bad but that’s coming from a mid school guy who lived through the overbuilt era! I’ll have to pull it out of the vault and get it on a scale one of these days.
  5. Awesome build! Extra nice touch with the butler shield!
  6. Thanks man, I’m pretty sure it came with props road fools 98.
  7. Some old stuff I had kicking around
  8. The shocker! '96 mongoose Aftershock. I built it for the society show so it's got Chatsworth repop decals on it. Im for patina but I was aching to hand polished this beast. Didn't sand out the nicks and scratches, just made it shiny. 96 mongoose Aftershock frame Redline flite forks JP stem Gt pro bars Dirt research titanium railed saddle Micro adjust post Clamp came with frame Technique 181 cranks NOT REPOP primo pro sealed pedals Sedisport chain Spin wheels restickered with mongoose decals Tioga comp III Fat/skinny If you were to dream of the bike of the future as a kid in the 80's, would it look like this?!