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  1. Some old stuff I had kicking around
  2. The shocker! '96 mongoose Aftershock. I built it for the society show so it's got Chatsworth repop decals on it. Im for patina but I was aching to hand polished this beast. Didn't sand out the nicks and scratches, just made it shiny. 96 mongoose Aftershock frame Redline flite forks JP stem Gt pro bars Dirt research titanium railed saddle Micro adjust post Clamp came with frame Technique 181 cranks NOT REPOP primo pro sealed pedals Sedisport chain Spin wheels restickered with mongoose decals Tioga comp III Fat/skinny If you were to dream of the bike of the future as a kid in the 80's, would it look like this?!
  3. https://youtu.be/xv-6MQaIS6M
  4. from the website which is still currently in full function
  5. serial starts 489. it was built april of 89. awesome frame.
  6. Had to bump this thread up again. A great bike, a great build, and an approach after my own heart,matching parts to the condition of the frame is how I built my mad dog. It's awesome to see super clean builds, it's cool to see survivor builds, but being able to capture an essence of both while bring a time capsule type look of how we actually built them back in the day is so rad.
  7. i really wish this bike would be returned to its rightful owner. piece of mid school history. makes me sad.
  8. that condor is the stuff dreams are made of!
  9. Leverage is a modern day a team.