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  1. Wow a museum piece for sure. Seeing those pictures, now I know where my old Torker (gone must have sold it back in '80 i dunno) got its geometry. Mine was purchased frome Wheels-N-Things and was called by them Big Profile. Had the more modern dropouts than yours but very similar if not same geometry. I wonder how they measure up with a tape. I like you went with the gold trim (my bike was blue). But again after all these years yours (theirs now) is truly a masterpiece.
  2. IM from Trenton area and the Contis name sounds familiar but can not place the shop. Before I found out about Lawrenceville I tried to get a track open. I went to a few shops with Flyers and had a meeting complete with a film on BMX and no one showed. I have no idea if the shops cared or even left the flyers out or passed them out. I know I did the shop on Olden ave extension? Near Princeton or Pennington rd. I did the shop in Hamilton Square, Bernies Schwinn? but cant picture Contis. You may be correct about all the R9s being light blue that is how I usually see them pop up. I have a R11XL in my collection. Those Rampar uniforms and team were so great.
  3. Man just waiting for my buddy when I saw this. I did not get a email, just a receipt email. Hopefully we can square this away at the show Steve.
  4. If you posted the Load IN details I missed it. My buddy is asking me what time to pick me up I am like Um , uh, lol. Just my second show. What is the time we can start checking in etc? Is there a certain parking lot we should use?
  5. Could that even be a David Clinton bike? I think Europa may have been a shop close to him. Or perhaps a local who looked up to David. But I thought he ran a Shimano sticker on his bikes at one point as that was his main sponsor for a period. I would ask David if it is possibly his old bike, you never know.
  6. It is weird isn't it how finding old pictures can bring back such forgotten memories. I found on a NJ site pictures of me racing my first quad at a couple tracks back in 1981. I had forgotten some things about my own bike, so how hard is it to remember a buds bike? My first looptail was that same blue as in your "new" quad Steve, not sure what I did with it. My second looptail also in 81 was black and sold it in Texas during my bike ride across America. It isn't the parts that I think makes us feel so connected with the past, but the love we had building the bike that was to propel us onto the pages of a glossy magazine like our heroes. When did the Big M track open?
  7. I run the CYC site at wordpress. Brad Apold I know was a Minnesota racer BITD and he contributed lots of pictures and info for it. Don't know if he still races. I've got a CYC MXR, in pieces lol, as I am thinking to restore as it wasnt found exactly like in the ad of it on the cliff. Loved that ad. I'm also writing a book I showed some people an early draft at last years Society Show. I just ordered my pass to this years show today. I may set up a table and hand out a few samples of what is in the book. Brad Apolds name though is in the book as are a ton of others, from race results I have secured. Maybe I will start throwing together a 4 page sample now.
  8. I dont remember Shawn on Quickline but I do remember him on Grunert (Gruenert?) which had yellow, black and gray uniforms. I left SoCal in 84-86 so I missed alot. And as said before the team colors for Quickline were Blue, Yellow and White. I think I met Fred once did he run the second Lake Elsinore track after the bridge track closed? I think I even did a clinic at the second track or talked to him about doing one.
  9. Doing a quick internet search couldnt find much. But I did read that the owner was from Torrance, CA. The local tracks there at the time were Alpine Village (Torrance) and Ascot (Gardena) Then probably close enough was Harbor Raceway (San Pedro). I was in Orange County and don't remember seeing them much if at all. Just a vague recollection. I know I saw Procraft (a buddy of mine rode for them) and Hi-Tech and even Quickline more then I remember Cal Custom. But the bike looks sweet and the decals perfect for that era. So they probably spent most of their time at those tracks and on occasion hitting big races elsewhere. So maybe a South Bay local remembers more.
  10. Love the SE Van in the background of the girls sidehack. Same color as the old New Jersey license plate. Been looking for a hack at swap meets, thrift stores with no luck. I did find a homemade one last year but was from around 80 and had not a single good part on it so I passed at $150. The frame was a like a Schwinn Thrasher or something. Am I the only hardcore old school racer that never rode one before, not once lol.
  11. Awesome my favorite bike of all time. 20 inch anyway. I had 3 BITD. I never had a red one,, but yours looks sweet like candy. I know one of my rivals/buds out of South Jersey, Ed Mayer or Meyer (spelling?) Had a Red one, I think with gold parts. He rocked the Waretown, NJ BMX track, along with his little brother (Dan?). Congrats on finally finding one.
  12. No Richard I dont. I turned some film I took over to a bike shop in Hobbs, NM to forward to Diamond Back. I turned most of my film and my diary with contact stuff etc over to BMX Action. They had started to do a 7 page story on my trip and took studio photos. I was so bummed when they cancelled I didnt go back and get the stuff to give to another magazine. I was young and dumb. By the time I talked to Steve Giberson about it like a year or two later, he looked and couldnt find anything. I gave Action everything save what little I sent to DB. I am not sure what I asked the shop to send DB, maybe just receipts but I think I also sent a roll of film. But when Action cancelled the story DB immediately dropped me. So again I was too bummed to call them. In California with no job, sponsor or family or even a car. Rude awakening for a kid who always lived at home and had a car to use. I couldnt bring myself to give up on the California dream and move home. I shoulda lol. I was on a few radio stations, in a few newspapers but never had them send stuff to my home or got any copies. 'Cept the lone copy I got while In Chandler, AZ Shame I bet I took some pictures at Sugarland and maybe some of Mike. I wish I had the pictures Charlie Nickle took in Summerville. We got rad near his house at some killer jump near a creek. Glad I did the ride, I remember most everything it was that fun and exciting. Sod nice detective work. I will have to stop by the Elks one day and see if they have any archives.
  13. There are often GT shows at the warehouse on Saturdays. Check the GT site for those. Up in LA Atomic Cycles up in the valley puts on regular shows. But the LA scene kinda dead. Not sure how many BMX bike shops still around from the Glory Days of the 70s and 80s. Bike Alley in Orange is still in business but different location from the 80s. A1 Cycle in Westminster may still be around and Im not sure how the new Bicycle Source in Anaheim is doing or if they still around.
  14. Sounds like you may have seen that very frameset back in the day. It is a long standard. check out my JMC site at jmcbmx.wordpress.com I was lucky enough to score a red one also.
  15. Stunning build. ACE stood for Andy Currie Enterprises. Andy owned Chip-N-Dales. He was a top NJ racer and all around good guy. They had a killer practice track in town. When I was with Hyper, Andy carried our frames. In fact when I got a Boss cruiser (93) to replace my stolen one it was Andy's shop that built it up. I rode it with Hyper decals till I started American. It was with me on tour when I started American in 1997, just as Andy had built it up. I dont remember ACE making other parts except maybe number plates and padsets. But wouldnt swear to that in a court of law.